The best neighborhoods to rent in Manhattan 2023


It is well known that finding a place to rent in NYC can be quite difficult and challenging. Even though the NYC real estate market is competitive, it also gives you plenty of opportunities. Especially if you know what you are looking for and you have the right budget. Finding a place for rent is an overall exciting task. Whether you are moving locally or from afar, make sure to be prepared for all parts of the move. For example, finding the right storage NYC for your extra belonging. But let us first help you starting with listing the best neighborhoods to rent in Manhattan.

What makes the neighborhood a good place for living?

It is safe to say that a good neighborhood is the one that fits best your lifestyle. For example, if you have children a good neighborhood will definitely be one with good schools and plenty of parks for outdoor activities. Also, one of the criteria can be the closeness of your job. Or, if you possess a car, one standard could be if there is a reliable vehicle storage NYC nearby. Taking many criteria into consideration, we made a list of the best neighborhoods to rent in Manhattan.

  • Chelsea
  • Battery Park City
  • Tribeca
  • Lower East Side
  • Upper West Side
New York City at night
In a city that never sleeps, finding a place to rent can be a challenging but exciting task.

Chelsea as one of the best neighborhoods to rent in Manhattan

According to, Chelsea is the best neighborhood to live in in Manhattan and NYC overall. This southwest-side neighborhood is great for young professionals, people who want to be close to public transportation, and people who like having access to green space. It is known for its art galleries and creative vibe. Chelsea has a lot of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops to enjoy. It also has an urban park built on top of other buildings, called High Line. In this park, you can enjoy green space, get a bite to eat, and look out over the downtown area. You can keep exploring inside by trying out and looking at the goods at the well-known Chelsea Market. The quality of public schools is considered above average. The median rent price is $2,181.

Battery Park City

Battery Park City is the number 1 place to raise a family in New York City. This is according to the website Battery Park City is a neighborhood on the southern tip of Manhattan. It is mostly made up of homes, with Battery Park as the center of the area. It is home to 16,070 people and is thought to be the second safest place in all of New York City. As per rate of violent crime in BPC is 56% lower than the national average, which is a big deal. If you are in a process of moving and you are concerned about the safety of your belongings, make sure to look for reliable mini Manhattan storage. As Battery Park City is considered the best place to raise a family, it is not surprising that the schools are above average. The median rent price is $3,491.

Two boys skating through one of best neighborhood to rent in Manhattan
Even though NYC is known for its crime rates, there are neighborhoods that are extremely safe and great for raising a family.


Tribeca or TriBeCa is the shortage for Triangle Below Canal, which was previously the center of industry. Then it was rezoned into a living area. Tribeca is home to 20,000 residents, and it is in Lower Manhattan. People say that Tribeca is one of the best neighborhoods in New York City to live in. The New York actor Robert De Niro helped make TriBeCa famous by setting up the Tribeca Film Center and the Tribeca Film Festival in the area. Many celebrities, like Scarlett Johansson, Heather Graham, Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Robert De Niro, live there. Over the past 30 years, crime in this area has gone down by 86.3%, which is a big change. The median rent price is $3,112. And if it happens that during the move you have extra staff, consider renting short term storage NYC.

Lower East Side

Lower East Side is also considered a great place for a living. This neighborhood in New York City is very different and has a lot of history. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, this neighborhood was a popular place for European immigrants to settle. The Lower East Side is a lively area with lots of great live music, cool bars, great nightlife, art galleries, and a Jewish community. At the nearby Tenement Museum, you can learn about some of the past. It is also close to Chinatown, Little Italy, and Soho, making it a great place to explore other New York neighborhoods. The median rent price is $1,244, and 85% of people are renting their places. If it happens that you have extra time between two rents, you should consider taking NYC apartment storage.

Autumn in NYC
In Manhattan, you can find everything you need. From great restaurants to beautiful parks.

Upper West Side is one of the best neighborhoods to rent in Manhattan

The Upper West Side is one of New York’s best and safest places to live. It is a home of 188,442 residents. The area is full of retirees, young adults, and high-level executives who want to settle down. This well-off part of New York City is one of the greenest places in Manhattan. Thanks to two beautiful parks, Central Park on the east side and Riverside on the west. Even though there are a lot of quiet streets in the area, there are still a lot of nice restaurants, cafes, and bars to choose from. Cultural landmarks like the American Museum of Natural History in Central Park and the Lincoln Center are also on the Upper West Side. The median rent price is $2,262.

These were one of the best neighborhoods to rent in Manhattan

New York City will offer you so many options that you will, for sure, find something that you like. We all have different needs and expectations, so it’s important to do thorough research. These were just some of the best neighborhoods to rent in Manhattan. However, if you are unable to decide, we would recommend you research more on your own. For example, you can also check neighborhoods like Greenwich Village, Soho, Upper East Side, Harlem, Noho, and many more. We truly hope you will find the best one for you!





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