The difference between local and long-distance move


Although it may seem like an easy venture, relocation is a very complex process that requires a lot of planning and organizing. It consists of many tasks that differ in terms of the moving category they fit into. No move is the same, especially local and long-distance moves. So, before you start preparing for the relocation, define what type of move you need. And NYC Mini Storage is here to help you understand the difference between the local and long-distance move, their main traits, and types of tasks. Besides, we’ll explain the importance of using storage facility NYC in both types of moves and how to use them properly and efficiently. Understanding the difference between these types of moves and knowing the costs of both types, will ensure a successful relocation. Stay with us and find out more.

A family talking with a moving agent about the difference between local and long-distance move
Local and long-distance moves differ in many ways

What is a local move?

Before we explain the difference between the local and long-distance move, let’s first define their main traits starting from a local move. Typically, local moves occur between locations under 50 miles or less. This type of move does not cross state borders. It’s often called an intrastate move since it happens within one state. Although you don’t have to worry about the distance, local moves still require proper planning. The planning includes packing, choosing the right movers, the size of the moving truck, and many other tasks we’ll explain later. The main characteristic of a local move is that most local movers charge at an hourly rate depending on how many movers are included in the process. Also, local moves are different depending on whether it’s a residential or commercial move. Besides, the storage services also differ in these two types.

Long-distance relocation – explained

The term long-distance move may sound pretty extensive. That’s why it’s important to define it. Namely, a long-distance relocation typically occurs over 400 miles. It is also called a cross-country or interstate move, depending on the distance and destination. Both types of moves cross state borders. However, not all long-distance moves cross the borders. They can also occur within one state. The main trait of this type of move is complexity. Unlike local moving, long-distance moves fall under federal regulation for transporting items. Now let’s see what’s the main difference between local and long-distance moves.

The difference between local and long-distance move

Now that you’ve got familiar with the main traits of both types of moves, let’s see the main differences. Distance, although the most important distinction, is not the only one. It’s just the tip of an iceberg.

  • The complexity of the move: Long-distance move requires a lot more effort than a local one. The complexity of a long-distance move mirrors the amount of moving tasks to handle, the paperwork you’ll have to obtain, and the organization itself. On the other hand, a local move takes less time, but it doesn’t mean it’s not complex.
  • Location: Clearly, the distance is a major difference. Location is what defines the previously mentioned complexity. The farthest you are moving, the more relocation tasks you’ll have to handle.
  • Moving time: Long-distance move requires more time than a local one. It can take weeks or even months to prepare for the move adequately.
  • Storage: You’ll need storage for both types of moves, especially for long-distance moves. There are many scenarios where you’ll need to use storage units, such as: staging a home for sale, downsizing, delays in the moving day dates, and many others. So, if you need a place to store your belongings before or after the move, use storage Long Island City.
  • The cost of the relocation: Long-distance move is more costly than a local move since the relocation process is more complex and the mileage is bigger.
  • Permits: a long-distance move must obtain a license from FMCA.
  • Hiring moving companies: Although the process of finding the moving company remains the same, there’s a difference you should pay attention to. It’s the previously mentioned one – permits. Find a registered long-distance moving company that has their USDOT number obtained.
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The main differences between local and long-distance move are moving preparation and cost

Residential and commercial move: the difference between moving locally and long-distance

Whether you are moving your home or office, there is a huge difference between local and long-distance move. When you move house locally, it usually takes a couple of days to pack and relocate, and when you move your office locally, your business can continue without interruptions. However, moving house long-distance requires thorough preparation, from making a moving plan, packing securely, finding movers to loading a moving truck, and transportation itself. All these require special attention.

On the other hand, moving your business long distance is a lot more demanding than moving locally. A lot of paperwork must be handled and acquired. Packing is more complex, and the business may stop or slow down during the period of relocation. That’s why you need to plan and make any necessary precautions and measures for your move to be successful. Since long-distance moves can last from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, it wouldn’t be bad to consider using commercial storage units NYC. This way, you’ll manage to pack on time and continue working swimmingly. The things that are not necessary for doing business in the relocation period would be safely stored until the moving day. And when the relocation day finally arrives, your movers will pick up your belongings from the storage. It will make the whole process easier.

The difference between moving your vehicle locally and long-distance

Moving your vehicle locally is easy. You can drive it yourself or hire an auto transport company. However, moving your vehicle long-distance requires shipping. Shipping your car is the best option for your long-distance move. But, there are many things to handle before shipping the vehicle. First, you have to find moving and shipping companies and prepare the vehicle for transportation. The preparation includes cleaning and servicing your car and obtaining the necessary documents. All this requires some time. Weeks may pass before you move your vehicle to another state. So, if your moving date is earlier than the shipping date, you must use storage facilities. And the best option is to rent motorcycle storage NYC. By doing this, you’ll ensure that your vehicle is safe from damage until the moving day comes.

Storage unit
If you don’t know where to store your belongings until the moving day, use storage units NYC

Haven’t moved yet and need storage space? NYC Mini Storage is here for you

Are you about to leave your house and move to temporary housing? Don’t know where to keep your belongings until the moving day? Don’t worry. You can use NYC Mini Storage facilities. We offer a variety of storage services such as short or long-term storage, apartment or commercial storage, and vehicles storage of different sizes. Besides, we offer packing services that will make your relocation easier. So, if you need a place to store your valuable belongings find your room for both local and long-distance moves.


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