The insider’s guide to rent-stabilized apartments


When moving into a new city among many other things the most important one is by far finding a place where you will live. The real estate market in NYC is among the most hectic ones in the world due to the high demand. So it’s no surprise that people sometimes decide to place their items into storage in Manhattan NY. While they concentrate on finding a nice place to live. There are many types of apartments in NYC, but some of the rarest are rent-stabilized. What does that mean, and how to find them? Don’t worry we are here to help with the insider’s guide to rent-stabilized apartments.

Welcome to NYC

NYC is one of the most know cities in the world. Thousands of people move into the city in the span of a year. So it’s no wonder that the prices of real estate and their availability don’t reflect the high demand. Usually, before moving here we advise people to save some money. Around 15-20k would be the best. Why? Apartments in NYC are usually pricy. And almost every landlord will require you to pay a deposit and sometimes the first rent upfront.

One of the building that the guide to rent-stabilized apartments helped you find
A guide to rent-stabilized apartments can help you a lot in your search for a home. But keep in mind they might not always be available. And sometimes luck has a lot to do with finding one.

Although sometimes really small apartments are on the market people still choose to move into them and place their items in storage NYC for safekeeping. So will our guide to rent-stabilized apartments help you out in your search for a new home? We hope it will!

How do you know the apartment is rent-stabilized?

Many people actively search for rent-stabilized apartments. While on other hand some are lucky to stumble on one accidentally. Whatever the case is finding one is quite rare due to their high demand. Many people pick a place where they can be and place their things into NYC apartment storage while they look to find a rent-stabilized apartment. But how do you know when you find one?

Well, that’s why this guide to rent-stabilized apartments is here! You see the number of rent-stabilized apartments in NYC is around a million. That makes around 40percent of the city’s rent real estate. But even with such a number, they are extremely rare. Once one is placed on the market it can be snatched in a matter of minutes.

But what does rent-stabilized mean exactly? Well, those are the apartments where your landlord can only increase your rent by a percentage determined by the Rent Guidelines Board. Although that becomes an issue every year. This means that your rent doesn’t depend on your income, apartment location, size, and so on.

Old apartent building
These types of apartments are usually found in older buildings. But even then, that doesn’t mean it will be easy to snatch them.

Rent a rent-stabilized apartment

When you rent apartments in NYC many people do it as fast as possible. With their items in short term storage NYC and the job or school coming up people tend to rush. Some even forget to ask their landlord if the apartment is rent-stabilized. But when you rent one all landlords are required to give you a rent-stabilization rider in all new leases. This is something that informs you of your legal rights. 

But then why do you need a guide to rent-stabilized apartments? Well, it’s actually common for landlords to not give their residents any information on the rent stabilization and that way charge more than they are allowed legally. Do your research and then confront your landlord before signing anything or moving in.

How to maintain them?

It is a fact that most rent-stabilized apartments are in old buildings. And as such, it is no wonder that sometimes there are no garages or designated parking spots. In those cases, many people decide that vehicle storage NYC is a nice option. Why? NYC is huge. Meaning that traffic jams are a matter of everyday life. But on the other side, public transportation is highly evolved.

Do you think that after reading a guide to rent-stabilized apartments you already know everything? Well not really. Finding one is not the end. Many landlords are known for skimping on repairs for the tenants that are paying below the market rate. But keep in mind that the apparent rent-stabilized status can expire anywhere from 10-35 years. Unless the landlord hasn’t followed the guidelines. In this case you’re entitled to stay and keep the apartment rent-stabilized.

Outside of a building
We can’t look for rent-stabilized apartments that fit us, but have to fit in with what we find. Sometimes it happens that they are a little smaller. In those cases, some of the NYC storage options are your best option.

Rents in NYC

NYC is one of the most desirable places to live on the planet. And that means that there will be a great number of people moving here. Not only from the US but from all over the world. And with that in mind, it’s no wonder that sometimes rents can reach astronomical prices. What do people who haven’t seen our guide to rent-stabilized apartments do?

The average rental price is around $5,000. But even that does not stop people from signing leases! According to our information, the last rent increase was in June, rising up to $5,058  from $4,975 that was in May. On the other hand, for rent-stabilized apartments, the raise is set by the Rent Guidelines Board. Although your rent can rise due to the apparent renovations.

A good deal on rentals in NYC can mean a lot. But not all rent-stabilized apartments are below market prices. Although sometimes the landlords themselves can be the ones lowering your rent in order to make it more appealing and affordable for people.



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