The ultimate home spring cleaning checklist


Doing a thorough cleaning once in a while is always recommended. You will get rid of items that you do not need anymore. That also means that you will get more space for things that you do need. But, doing a thorough cleaning in spring can become a problem if you do not know how to do it properly. Even though there are not that many things that you need to have in your mind, it is still important to have all the right information in your hands. So, before you rent storage in Manhattan NY to place your extra items, learn about a spring cleaning checklist that will help you with this task!

Go room by room

When doing a thorough cleaning during spring, it is wise that you have some kind of order. The best way to do this is by handling one room at a time. If you go unorganized and start mixing rooms, you may have problems remembering where everything is. Avoiding this is your priority! It is even more important if you want to get rid of excess items that you have in your home. Making storage in your own home is never a good thing and that is why you should dedicate time to each and every room.

doing one room at a time is crucial for spring cleaning checklist
Do not waste your energy by doing multiple rooms at the same time

Do the hard tasks first

When talking about the spring cleaning checklist, we have to mention that not every task will be hard. Some tasks are harder and you have to dedicate more time and effort to them. For example, you need a lot of stuff to take out of your home and get rid of it. But, depending on where you rent your short term storage NYC, you will have to use your strength for this. This can cause you to feel tired and that is why you should do these tasks first. If you leave them until the last possible moment, there is a good chance that you will procrastinate. That is not something that you want to do. Make sure that you leave the easiest tasks for last. You will not feel like procrastinating and you will finish everything much sooner.

Declutter and get rid of items that you do not want to use anymore

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to start fresh. You should use this opportunity to organize everything in your home. By decluttering, we mean that you should get rid of items that you do not want to use anymore. There are a couple of things that you can do with those items:

  • store them in a good storage NYC
  • donate to a charity
  • give to your close ones
  • organize a sale

No matter which way you choose, you will do a fine job. You will have more space at your home while you will do a nice deed. So, this should be good stimulation for you to start the home spring cleaning now!

Clean everything

Now that spring is coming, you want everything to be in perfect condition, right? Well, if this is the case, you have to clean everything thoroughly. That means all the appliances and surfaces. Even though it may sound easy, it can become a pretty dull job pretty soon. What you want here is not to let your inner self take over. What we mean is that it can be pretty easy to avoid this task just because it is boring. If you do that, you will not do a fine job.

a hand holding a cleaning product
General cleaning is crucial!

What about the exterior?

When planning spring cleaning, you can’t think just about the interior. If you live in a house, you will have a ton of tasks outside as well. The problem can occur if you do not want or feel that you do not need to do anything outside. The nicer weather is coming and you certainly want to spend more time there. Also, you probably want to invite your friends and family to social gatherings. You can’t do this if you do not take care of your yard as well.

Rent a storage unit and keep the extra stuff

If you want to do a thorough cleaning and still keep the items that you do not want to keep at your home, there is an excellent solution. You should consider finding NYC apartment storage where all your stuff will be safe. But, there are so many storage facilities out there. How to find the one suitable for you? Here are some things that you should have in mind.

  • choose a storage unit that is close to you. You do not want to go all across the city just so that you could take something that you need.
  • make sure that you rent a storage unit of a suitable size. If you have a lot of items that you would like to store, you will need a big unit. Of course, you can go with a smaller one but you will have to organize a storage unit much better. Have this in mind when making a decision.
  • pick the storage unit that is not going to make you spend a lot of money. Most storage facilities nowadays are well balanced and you should not have this problem when choosing the right storage unit for your needs.
a storage facility
Put all the extra stuff in the storage unit

What if you have special items to store?

As we have said, if you have a house, you have to do a thorough cleaning outside as well. But, what if you have a vehicle that you have not used for a while? It just stands there but you do not use it at the moment. There is also special vehicle storage NYC where your vehicle will be safe. You can trust that it will be safe until you decide to repair it or sell it. As you can see, there are options for everything, you just have to look for them.

Use this spring cleaning checklist and prepare your home for spring!

It is not easy to make a spring cleaning checklist. It comes with a lot of responsibility. But, we hope that we have made everything much simpler for you. After all, the organization is the most important here. Everything else can be done as time goes by.


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