Things that don’t belong in long-term storage


Some items should never be in storage for an extended period of time. Luckily, understanding that there are things that don’t belong in long-term storage and opting for full service storage NYC residents rely on can solve all your dilemmas and problems. Also, we have created a comprehensive list of the items to pay attention to to help you out on this topic.

Perishable items

Perishable items like food and beverages are not suitable for long-term storage due to several potential issues. Canned goods, while shelf-stable, can still degrade over time, especially in fluctuating temperatures or humid conditions. Fresh fruits and vegetables can easily spoil, grow mold, and attract pests if they are not in a controlled environment with good airflow. Liquids like bottled beverages or cooking oils may drip, leading to harm to other items in storage and producing stubborn odors. Furthermore, it is crucial to pay attention to the expiration dates of these items as they may pose a safety risk if you consume them after their usual storage time. It is essential to rotate and consume these items before they expire to avoid waste and guarantee food safety. So, even if you rent one of the top-quality storage facilities Long Island City locals use, you should not put perishable items into your storage unit.

Fruit and vegetables and plastic bottles in a plastic bag as some of the things that don't belong in long-term storage.
Perishable items are among things that don’t belong in long-term storage

Hazardous materials are among the things that don’t belong in long-term storage

Keeping dangerous substances in long term storage NYC locals often rent presents serious dangers. Gasoline is extremely flammable and can easily catch fire if not stored in approved containers and controlled conditions. Paints and solvents have dangerous chemicals that, if spilled, can release harmful fumes and lead to environmental pollution. Propane tanks can cause explosions if mishandled or stored in poorly ventilated areas. These resources need specific storage areas with proper ventilation, fire suppression systems, and strict safety regulations to reduce hazards. Inadequate storage of dangerous materials can result in fires, and environmental harm, and put the safety of personnel at risk. Adhering to regulations and using approved storage options is crucial for safely managing and storing dangerous materials.

Toxic items are among the things that don’t belong in long-term storage

Keeping toxic compounds like pesticides and cleaning chemicals can lead to significant dangers. Pesticides, created to effectively combat pests, include chemicals that can be dangerous to both humans and animals when not stored or handled correctly. If they are spilled or leaked, they have the potential to pollute soil and groundwater. Cleaning products, such as bleach and ammonia, release potent vapors which may lead to breathing problems and skin irritation when used in spaces with limited airflow. Both kinds of materials need secure storage in specified locations with sufficient ventilation and appropriate labeling to prevent unintentional contact. Safety measures should involve wearing protective equipment while dealing with these chemicals. Additionally, it is important to make sure that they are separate from food or other delicate items in order to prevent contamination.

Hazardous bottles on a shelf as things that don't belong in long-term storage
Make sure not to store any toxic and hazardous items.

Be careful with your valuables

Valuable and irreplaceable items such as birth certificates, family photos, and heirlooms should not be in long-term storage due to the risk of loss or damage. Birth certificates are essential documents that can be challenging to replace if lost or destroyed, affecting legal matters and identification. Family photos hold sentimental value and memories you cannot recover if damaged by moisture and mold. Heirlooms passed down through generations, often have significant historical or sentimental worth that can disappear if you do not take care of them. Valuable jewelry and money need to be in safer places regardless of the top-quality storage near NYC. They definitely do not fit into long-term storage. Cash, too, needs to be stored in a secure location like a safe or bank. This way you safeguard it from theft and changes in storage environments.

Humidity can affect electronics and artwork

Extreme heat and moisture can cause significant harm to electronic devices such as computers, TVs, and audio systems. Temperature changes can result in the expansion and contraction of components, possibly causing hardware failures and malfunctions. Elevated levels of humidity may bring moisture into delicate electronic circuits, leading to corrosion and short circuits. Maintaining the right climate is crucial for musical instruments like guitars and pianos. It stops delicate strings and internal mechanisms from warping, cracking, or getting some damage. Consistent temperature and humidity levels are essential for preserving the condition and acoustics of these instruments in the long run. Art pieces like paintings and sculptures must be stored in particular conditions to avoid damage. Temperature changes can result in the canvas expanding or contracting, which can result in cracks or paint flaking. Higher levels of moisture can promote the development of mold on sculptures or wooden frames.

A green plant in a white vase
Plants, animals, and other living things are not to be stored in a storage unit.

Living things that don’t belong in long-term storage

Live plants and animals, such as houseplants and pets, should never be in long-term facilities for both ethical and practical reasons. Houseplants require specific conditions like sunlight and regular watering to thrive, which storage environments cannot provide adequately. Pets, including dogs, cats, and smaller animals like fish or birds, need constant care, interaction, and a familiar environment in order to remain healthy and happy. Storing them in confined spaces without proper ventilation or attention can lead to stress, illness, or even death.

Prescription drugs and beauty products

Items with expiry dates, such as prescription drugs and beauty products, are unsuitable for long-term storage due to safety and effectiveness concerns. Prescription drugs can lose their potency and effectiveness if stored incorrectly or past their expiration dates. Using expired medications can pose health risks or result in ineffective treatment. Similarly, beauty products may degrade over time, altering their consistency, color, or potency.

Remember what not to put in long-term storage

Careful consideration of suitable items for long-term storage is essential to avoid damage or loss. Food and liquids, as perishable goods, should not be in storage for longer periods because they pose safety risks and can degrade over time. Special care is needed to preserve the condition of valuable and irreplaceable items for an extended period. Dangerous substances such as gasoline and paint can be extremely hazardous if not stored correctly. So they require strict compliance with safety rules. Comprehending these instructions is essential to guarantee that storage facilities stay secure and efficient for items that can withstand storage for a long period. Keeping in mind the principles of what belongs in long-term storage helps maintain the quality and safety of stored items while avoiding unnecessary complications or damage.


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