Things That Should Never Be Stored In A Storage Unit


    Storage facilities are the best option for storing things when you are moving or relocating from one place or city to another. In the storage pods provided by these facilities, you can store all your precious and valuable things without any worry. You can rest assured that they will be kept safe and secure. However, if you are considering renting a storage unit, there are a few guidelines and common things to keep in mind. It is a known fact that not all things are suitable for storing in a storage pod or unit. Hence, when you are preparing to pack your stuff, you should be careful of not packing things that you should never store in a storage facility.

    To help you, following is a list of things that should never be stored in a storage unit:

    • 1. Loaded Firearms: A storage unit might seem like a good place to store your armory of weapons, but it is not. Don’t store your collection of firearms in a storage unit. First of all, it is probably prohibited by the storage facility itself, and secondly you stand the chance of theft. If your firearms fall into the wrong hands, then you can be responsible for their wrong doings.
    • 2. Explosives, Flammable Chemicals, Dangerous or Illegal Items: These include gasoline and propane, but also items containing gunpowder, such as ammunition or fireworks. Also, no paint, varnish, thinners, kerosene, aerosol cans, or cleaning fluids should be stored in the units. Anything that would pose a danger to people or the facility, if an accident should occur, should not be stored in a storage facility.
    • 3. Plants: Your plants will surely perish in a dark, dry storage space anyhow. But more importantly, the moisture in the dirt, pot and plant itself could lead to foul odors, mildew and mold in your unit.
    • 4. Perishable Products: Never store any meat, flour, spices, dry goods like onions, potatoes, etc. in the storage units. Even food stored in cans is susceptible to explosion due to drastic swings in temperature. Any type of food will attract insects and eventually rodents.
    • 5. Scented Candles or Soaps: Just like perishable food, scented candles and soaps may attract unwanted pests looking for food. So, play it safe and store your honey lavender votive candles at home or donate it to someone.

    By consulting this list, you will be able to avoid storing things that can cause problems for you as well as the storage facility providers.


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