Things to know before you move to Highbridge


Are you moving to Highbridge? Here’s a quick guide to make your transition easier. Highbridge, a welcoming neighborhood in New York, offers a one-of-a-kind living experience. Before you start packing, consider your storage needs. Finding good storage in Highbridge NY is essential. It helps you manage your belongings during the move. It’s also handy for extra items you might not have room for immediately. When you move to Highbridge, you’ll notice its friendly atmosphere. The community is supportive, making it easy to settle in. Also, check out the local shops and parks. They are great for meeting neighbors and enjoying your new area. Start exploring your options for storage and get ready to enjoy your new home in Highbridge. Welcome to an exciting new chapter in your life!

Cost of living

Living in Highbridge, New York, is a great choice for those on a budget. It’s surprisingly cheaper than most areas in New York, with living costs about 22% less than the city’s average and 10% less than the national average. This makes Highbridge a smart pick for anyone looking to save money. A big plus is housing costs. They are 52% less than what most Americans pay, offering a real bargain for a place in New York. For things like electricity and water, the prices are a bit higher than average but still manageable.

Highbridge is especially appealing for those searching for affordable storage in the Bronx. The neighborhood’s lower cost of living means you can find great storage options without breaking the bank. This is a huge advantage for residents or businesses needing extra space.

Money saved after you move to Highbridge.
Highbridge is an affordable city, made for families and singles.

The area’s economy is also geared towards providing value. Unlike some pricier parts of New York, Highbridge doesn’t sacrifice quality for affordability. It’s a perfect spot for anyone wanting to enjoy New York life without the hefty price tag. With its combination of low costs and essential amenities, Highbridge stands out as a practical and smart choice for living and storing belongings in the Bronx.


Highbridge in the Bronx, New York, is a neighborhood with a lot of different kinds of homes for sale. It’s easy to get around and has a lot of culture. You can find homes at different prices, like a 2-bedroom for $300,000 and a 1-bedroom for $95,000. This shows that there are affordable options. There’s also a renovated 2-bedroom apartment for sale at $160,000.

The area is close to Manhattan, schools, shops, and places for fun activities. It’s a good choice for families and people working in the city. To make the process of settling in more comfortable, consider renting short term storage in NYC. It will help you organize your belongings better.

Keys and a contract on a table.
You will be amazed by the housing market after you move to Highbridge.

However, New York’s housing market, including Highbridge, is dealing with flooding and other environmental challenges. About 30% of New York properties might have serious flood risks in the next 30 years.

If you’re thinking about moving to Highbridge or similar areas in New York, remember to consider everything. This includes practical stuff like needing to rent storage in NYC because apartments in the city often don’t have much space. Overall, Highbridge is a great place with a mix of cultures, and different housing options, and is close to important places.


Before you start looking for moving and storage companies NYC offers, it is important to learn about the education opportunities in Highbridge. Highbridge is doing great in the education world, especially in high school and teaching programs. More and more students are choosing online classes. In 2022, the number of students finishing high school and teaching courses online jumped by 151% compared to 2018. Big schools like New York University and Saint Joseph’s University now have programs you can do completely online. This is really handy, especially in a city like Highbridge where there’s not a lot of space, just like in New York City where people have to be smart about using small spaces. These online courses are perfect for both regular students and those looking to learn new skills or switch careers. Highbridge’s focus on online learning shows how well it’s keeping up with the times, offering different ways to learn and get ready for today’s world.

A teacher in a classroom after their move to Highbridge.
Education is an important factor to consider before you move to Highbridge.

For those considering a move to Highbridge, the district’s educational quality is a significant factor. Families looking to relocate might find themselves in need of practical solutions like small storage in NYC to place their belongings while researching the education system. This creates an environment conducive to learning and personal growth, making it an appealing choice for families prioritizing education.

Public vs. private institutions

In Highbridge, New York, parents have to decide between public and private schools for their kids. Private schools offer a different kind of learning than public schools. This is a lot like how in New York City, you have different choices for short-term storage, depending on what you need.

Here are some top private schools in Highbridge:

  • Sacred Heart School: This school is affordable and has many students of color. It has a strong focus on traditional values and a full academic program. They have a student-teacher ratio of 21:1 and offer lots of activities, including a good basketball team.
  • Christ The King School: Close by, this school gives a complete Catholic education for kids from Pre-K to 8th grade.
  • Bronx Manhattan Sda School: This school teaches kids from Kindergarten to 9th grade with a Seventh Day Adventist-based program.

These private schools offer a unique learning experience. They usually have smaller classes and focus on certain subjects. Choosing between a private and a public school depends on what the student and family are looking for.


Healthcare in Highbridge, NYC, faces unique challenges. The area sees more preterm births and teenage pregnancies than the city average. Specifically, there are 93 preterm births per 1,000 live births and 34 births to teenage mothers per 1,000. This is higher compared to citywide rates. About 13% of residents don’t have health insurance, slightly above the 12% city average. Air quality is also a concern, with higher levels of harmful fine particulate matter present.

Smoking rates in Highbridge and Concourse are concerning, with 15% of residents smoking, surpassing the city’s 14% average. The community struggles more with obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure than other New York City areas. A notable 34% of adults are obese, 17% have diabetes, and 42% suffer from high blood pressure. This is well above the city averages. Even among children, obesity rates are higher here. Despite these issues, 83% of residents eat fruits and vegetables daily, though this is still below the city’s 87% average. In terms of overall health, 72% of locals rate theirs as “good” to “excellent.” This, however, is lower than the city’s 78% average. Access to fresh food could be a factor, as there are significantly more bodegas than supermarkets.

A medical practitioner
Explore healthcare opportunities before you move to Highbridge.

Efficient solutions like NYC apartment storage can ease the burden for those seeking medical treatment. With well-structured, accessible storage solutions, patients and healthcare workers can manage their space and resources more effectively, contributing to a better healthcare experience.

Healthcare prices

In Highbridge, New York, there’s a big change in healthcare costs in 2024. The state government stepped in to lower health insurance premiums, saving people around $732 million. This is important for over a million New Yorkers using these plans. Healthcare costs, like doctor visits and medicines, are going up. That’s why insurance costs are higher. But now, individual health plans will go up by 12.4% and small group plans by 7.4%. These rates are lower than what insurance companies first wanted. The state is keeping insurance company profits at just 1% to help people with the cost of living. Healthcare costs in New York are much higher than in the rest of the US.


If you move to Highbridge, you will benefit from the dynamic job market. The area’s top employment sectors include home healthcare services, where 4,844 people find their calling. Restaurants and food services also play a significant role, employing 4,341 individuals. Additionally, 3,437 people work in individual and family services. These industries highlight the community’s commitment to caring and service. In this dynamic environment, businesses often require flexible solutions to manage their resources efficiently. This is where business storage in NYC becomes crucial. Storage solutions in Highbridge cater to various needs, from storing excess inventory to keeping important documents safe. This service is essential for businesses to operate smoothly in a city that never sleeps.

Highbridge’s location in New York City is great for business storage in NYC. It’s easy for people to get around and it’s right in the middle of everything. This means businesses can quickly get to their stored items whenever they need to.

People in the office after their move to Highbridge.
You will like the great job market after your move to Highbridge.


Highbridge in New York City offers convenient and diverse transportation options, making it a prime location for NYC vehicle storage. The Bronx to Manhattan journey is a breeze with multiple modes of transport available. You can take the subway from Highbridge Park, which runs every 10 minutes. This is the fastest way to reach Manhattan, taking around 19 minutes. The trip is not only quick but also wallet-friendly, costing as little as $3. Alternatively, there’s a bus service from University Ave/174 St to Madison Ave/E 84 St. It’s a regular service, leaving every 15 minutes. If you’re in a rush, a taxi or a car ride is a great choice. It’s a short 11-minute ride to Manhattan, perfect for those tight on time.

For those who need to park their vehicles in the city, Highbridge is ideal. With easy access to major transportation routes, it simplifies travel into and around New York City. Whether you’re a local needing temporary storage for your car or a visitor looking for a convenient parking spot, Highbridge meets all your needs. Its excellent connectivity and affordable options cater to various preferences.

Places to visit after you move to Highbridge

You will have a lot of fun when you move to Highbridge. Here are some places to visit:

  • High Bridge: Walk across this historic bridge connecting Manhattan and the Bronx, offering scenic views of the Harlem River.
  • Highbridge Park: Enjoy outdoor activities in this expansive park, featuring sports facilities, green spaces, and walking trails.
  • Highbridge Recreation Center: Engage in fitness and sports activities at this community recreation center.
  • Highbridge Voices: Check out local performances and events by Highbridge Voices, a community-based organization focused on youth development through arts and education.
  • Mullaly Park: Relax in this neighborhood park with playgrounds, sports fields, and open spaces.
  • Macombs Dam Park: Visit this nearby park with recreational areas, including baseball fields and basketball courts.
Transportation vehicles
Transportation in Highbridge – quick and easy access to everything you need.

Move to Highbridge and enjoy your new home

Moving to Highbridge offers a unique and rewarding experience. This community prides itself on its welcoming atmosphere and diverse culture. Here, you’ll find excellent public transportation options, making your daily commute a breeze. The area has quality schools, excellent furniture storage in NYC, local parks, and a range of affordable housing options. It’s important to explore the neighborhood and connect with local residents for insider tips. Highbridge provides a perfect balance between urban living and community charm. If you’re considering a move to Highbridge, it’s a great choice for both families and singles. Research local amenities and the cost of living, and plan your move carefully. For more personalized advice and assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help make your transition to Highbridge as easy and enjoyable as possible. Reach out today, and let’s start planning your future in this vibrant community!


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