Tips for handling robust furniture when packing it for a storage unit


Whether you’re preparing for a move, or you need to store some of your possessions for a different reason, dealing with big parts of furniture is one of the most challenging parts of the packing process. When you decide to put your furniture away in storage, there are quite a few things to think about. However, with our experience on this subject, you will be ready in no time after some simple advice. We can provide everything you might need for this endeavor. From providing storage room NYC to lending our knowledge and experience, we will do our best to help you. Although this task can seem hard to do at first, with our help, it doesn’t have to be. Just follow some of our tips and you’ll be handling robust furniture with no problem at all.

Things to do when handling robust furniture

Firstly, we need to focus on the basics. You should make a list of what you need to pack and prepare for storage. Secondly, you need to think about protecting your furniture. Making sure your possessions are secure is the most important part of the process, and it is something we value very much. We can provide both short and long term storage NYC and we make sure that everything you own is kept safe, for however long you need. Thirdly, hire professional help. That way, you can be sure your furniture will be in good hands. Those people will use every bit of their experience and training to help you, so don’t hesitate and reach out.

Getting help when handling robust furniture
Handling robust furniture requires help. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Writing things down

Make a list consisting of every piece of furniture you need to pack for storage. This inventory list will help you in more ways than one. It will help you decide which pieces of furniture you might want to leave behind, give away, or sell. Remember, this is a great chance to make some changes. Make notes about the current condition, measurements, and the way you have to pack some of the pieces. The next list you should make is a list of packing materials you need to properly protect your furniture. Consult hired professionals about handling robust furniture and the ways some pieces need to be packed. Have everything written down and you will be ready for a smooth packing experience.

Protecting your furniture

The most important thing when packing any of your possessions for storage is making sure everything is protected and safe. We can recommend our storage Bronx NY facilities for this exact reason. We take pride in our work and we have a lot of experience in handling our clients’ inventory with care. However, protecting your furniture starts before storing it. It even starts before packing. Here are the most important steps you need to take to make sure your furniture is secure:

  • Empty end clean everything you need to pack – you should remove whatever you have on your furniture, to make it lighter and easier to carry. Also, by cleaning everything you will eliminate the threat of dust, mold, or bacteria damaging your inventory.
  • Disassemble the big pieces before packing – follow instructions for every piece. If you don’t have the original manuals, be sure to look for instructions online. Keep all the smaller pieces like screws, for example, in separate bags. You don’t want to lose them when the time comes to reassemble.
  • Use wax on wooden surfaces – you will protect them against scratches while both packing and relocating. Protecting wooden pieces is a very important step on the way. When they’re packed and ready for storage, you will not need to worry anymore. Our experts will make sure they are kept safe for however long you need.
  • Invest in good packing materials – use bubble wrap and soft fabric materials to protect the delicate pieces. Put enough padding in any hollow spaces when packing, so pieces of your furniture will have nowhere to move during relocation.
A couch covered with a sheet
Protect your furniture from dust and dirt by covering it.

Hire professionals when handling robust furniture

Professional help is a great way to make every bit of the packing process less stressful. We, at NYC Mini Storage, are here to lend you a hand, so you can get through storing your furniture without problems. We know how important the safety of your inventory is to you, and so it is important to us too. To make sure your furniture gets to storage safely, we can offer you the best storage pick up service around. Not only can we safely pick up your belongings and drive them to storage through the streets of New York, but our pick up service has the best price possible – it’s free. So why not give us a call and rest easy? We will do our job, as we always have, and you will enjoy safe and protected storage for your furniture.

A short list of tips

While you are getting ready for your task, take things slow and think everything through. Some advice we already gave you, some is even worth repeating, but now we’ll just talk about the most important things to keep in mind right now. We will give you a short list of tips that you can follow to make the whole process much easier:

  • Don’t rush, think, and plan ahead
  • Gather supplies for packing and protecting your furniture
  • Give yourself enough time to focus on protecting your inventory
  • Disassemble everything that can be disassembled and remove all glass elements
  • Pack your furniture carefully and use enough padding
  • Let professionals handle the storing process and enjoy your good work!
Furniture packed and ready for storage
Be patient and pack everything carefully.


We know handling robust furniture isn’t an easy task. Be that as it may, we are here to help you do it in the best way possible. We will help you keep your stuff protected and we will offer some of the best storage facilities you could ask for. With all of that in mind, you can focus on protecting your inventory and planning your moves, while we take care of everything else. Let’s work together as a team, and let’s make the process of packing and storing furniture as smooth as it can be.


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