Tips for moving to a studio apartment in Long Island


Moving to a studio apartment in Long Island will definitely come with a few challenges. If you’re downsizing, there may be even more challenges than anticipated. If you’ve never lived in a studio apartment before, you might be surprised by how little space it offers. Space management is the number 1 thing you need to pay attention to and try to organize it as well as possible. Before you know it, you might find yourself searching for some climate-controlled storage NYC. And this will help incredibly! Settling into a studio apartment requires a lot of planning and preparation for the move. So, let us share some tips to make everything easier!

A woman using a laptop on the floor in her studio apartment
Why move into a studio apartment in Long Island?

Studio apartments offer a huge number of advantages for your everyday life. You get to live alone with no roommates disturbing your peace, and it is so much more affordable than any other type of housing. The rent is lower by approximately $500-$1000. Your utility bills will be drastically lower seeing how this tiny place can easily be warmed and cooled. Also, there will likely not be that many light fixtures, so your electricity consumption will likely go down.

The only downside is that you will have significantly less space. You can always rent storage in NYC to make the issue go away. You’d be surprised just how affordable storage can be! And if you opt for renting a storage unit, you will have the chance to keep your studio apartment relatively clutter-free.

How to go about moving to a studio apartment in Long Island – tips and tricks

As soon as you move into your studio apartment you’ll experience the space management issue. Not only will you have to organize everything before moving in, but you have to keep it tidy after moving in. With good organization skills, proper planning, and maybe even some help from short-term furniture storage NYC, you’ll succeed in making the studio apartment your home.

Check out multiple apartments before deciding

As with any type of housing, studio apartments differ from each other vastly. Size variations aren’t too prominent, but the layout is usually pretty different. You should sit down and write a list of needs and wants. There are so many studio apartments to choose from in Long Island, so you can get creative and demanding.

When visiting apartments, think of your furniture and appliances. Maybe your bed won’t fit comfortably in one of the apartments you visited, but one where it does fit will show up as you keep looking. This goes for everything else as well. Just remember to not get discouraged! It is stressful searching for the perfect home, but if you persevere, you will find it! And never settle for less. You are the one who will live in this new space and it needs to be to your tastes.

A woman giving keys to a studio apartment to another woman
Be sure to check out various options before settling on the studio apartment you want to rent!

Declutter before moving day

You are moving to a significantly smaller space. It goes without saying that you need to declutter and purge your belongings before moving. The biggest mistake you can make is moving a lot of items into your studio. Our suggestion would be to move only the essentials and once you see where each item goes, you can start moving in the less important items like decoration.

Self-storage Long Island City will help you out during your moving process. All of the non-essentials can wait for you in the storage unit, while you think up some kind of organization in your new studio apartment.

What to get rid of?

  • items you haven’t used in over a year
  • outdated or damaged items
  • things you won’t need in the future
  • sentimental but useless items

Assess your space

Before you finalize the move, you should assess your space and think of storage solutions. There is still room to get creative even when your apartment is small! People in huge houses have storage issues, so you really need to be smart about the storage in your new home. The best way to go about it is to maximize the apartment space by using some tricks to help you create more space. Still, we’d recommend renting secure self-storage NYC. No matter how optimized your studio apartment’s space becomes, there will always be too many items for an apartment that small.

You can install cabinets, or shelves from the floor to the ceiling. This will of course make the apartment slightly smaller. But, it’s nothing compared to the perk of having a lot of storage space. These cupboards can store your kitchen utensils, out-of-season clothes, or little memorabilia that’s important to you. It’s an amazing solution.

Also, there are many hidden storage spaces all around the apartment. You can use the space under the bed to store pillows, bedsheets, and even some clothes. Space behind the couch for example can hold shoes, or boxes full of items you don’t need at the moment, but will in the future. The top of shelves, cabinets, or the wardrobe can be useful as storage space for items you rarely use. Kitchen appliances can be placed on the fridge for easier access.

Clothes on a clothing rack
A clothing rack could solve potential wardrobe space issues!

Versatile furniture is your best friend

Moving to a studio apartment in Long Island will make you think about things you’ve never thought about previously. Like could my bed double as a dining table?! Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as that to find solutions, but there is a number of versatile pieces of furniture to choose from. But, you can always get a pull-out couch. During the day you have enough sitting and walking space, and in the evening, you get a full bed. There are also many coffee tables with storage underneath, so be sure to check out all of these options. IKEA is bound to have some solutions for you! And, good luck on your adventure!


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