Tips for packing oddly shaped items


While moving or renovating your home, we are sure that you will come across some slightly strange things, which you probably forgot you had. What to do with them, where to put them or how to pack them? We are sure that these are questions that will cross your mind. That’s why you’re in the right place. We will help you with packing oddly shaped items, as well as with their disposal. Also, one of the best solutions, when you are in this situation, is on-demand storage NYC. Keep reading and let’s find the ideal solution for your oddly shaped items.

What to do with oddly shaped items?

We are sure that everyone has some oddly shaped items in their home that you haven’t used until recently. And you probably forgot you had them. You will surely find them during the moving process or renovation of your home. And when you find them, we’re sure you’ll wonder where you got them from. In that case, they will certainly bother you and take up space in your home. But if you don’t want to put them in the trash and get rid of them that way, we can help you find the perfect solution.

packing process
Packing oddly shaped items can be a big challenge, and it will require you to invest a lot of time.

If you are wondering what oddly shaped items are, they are mainly of different sizes and shapes, and they can stand out significantly from other things that you use every day. For example, your old mirror may belong to a group of such things, as musical instruments, a piano, some strange pieces of furniture, but many other things. We are sure that these things take up a lot of space in your home, and that you don’t use them often. What is important is to find an adequate way to pack them. Because sometimes, their size and shape can be very challenging when it comes to packing.

Renting storage units can be the ideal solution

In situations where you find things in your home that you no longer need, or that you haven’t used for so long that you’ve forgotten about them, the best solution is to find and rent suitable storage units. Storage facilities Long Island City can be your ideal choice. These are clean and spacious storage units that are easily accessible to you. Several storage units of different sizes and types are at your disposal. Depending on your needs.

storage units
Renting storage for things you no longer need is the best solution.

Also, storage units are suitable for students. In student dormitories or apartments, living with a roommate can limit the space you have available. And we are sure that every student has some oddly shaped items, and that they will want to put them away until the next use. Also, student storage NYC is available for storing other things like books, seasonal clothes, etc. The most important thing when choosing storage is to know what you actually need. As well as finding what really meets all your needs.

Useful tips for packing oddly shaped items

One of the most challenging things is packing oddly shaped items. These things have an unusual and irregular shape. And for such things, it’s very difficult to find adequate packaging. And it’s even harder to pack them. That’s why we’re going to reveal some useful tips for packing things like this:

  • Sort things out. Whatever you pack, always sort first. Sorting things will make sure what you have and how many things you have. Also, it will be easier for you to decide what you really need and what you don’t. And the best thing is, by sorting, you will surely throw something in the trash, which will make the job of packing even easier.
  • Do the preparation before packing. Regardless of whether you have used your things or not, they need to be cleaned. Also, disassemble the parts that can be disassembled, and start wrapping them in protective material.
  • Make sure that all oddly shaped items are well protected so that they are not damaged during transport to the warehouse or during the move.
  • Use appropriate packaging. Before you start packing, make sure that you have acquired all the necessary packaging.
  • Improvise. If none of the boxes match the size and shape of the item, try to make suitable packaging out of cardboard.
  • Fill in the space. If you are using boxes that are larger than the items you are packing, fill in the empty space. For that, you can use styrofoam balls.

If you are storing your things in short-term furniture storage NYC, don’t forget to mark the boxes. You can write to them what is inside as well as the instructions. For example, depending on the type of item, mark “careful handling”, “breakable”, “this side up” etc.

Find adequate packing supplies

Whether you are packing your belongings for moving or storage, the choice of packaging is important. In this case, when the question is the packing of things of irregular shape, it’s very important to pay attention to the selection and quality of packing supplies. When you are packing oddly shaped items, you will need to get many different boxes as well as bubble wrap foil, paper, tape, etc. Also, you can always make a little effort and get free packing supplies.

couple unrolling bubble wrap for packing
Whether you are storing or moving, you will need a lot of packing supplies to pack these things.

Finally, don’t forget that storage units are the best option when you need additional space in your home, but also an excellent solution for all the things that are too much in your home. Also, vehicle storage NYC is another solution available to you. And believe us, it can be very useful when you need a safe place for your car, motorcycle, scooter, etc.


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