Tips for renting a furnished apartment in NYC


When moving to a new destination such as New York City, renting an apartment usually is the best idea. One of the things you should know about these crowded and highly popular cities is that many residents choose this method of housing. It’s cheaper after all and the expenses of living in the urban center are high. However, if you’ve opted for renting a furnished apartment in NYC, there are some tips that will help you adapt to the new space. Sometimes renting a furnished apartment can be a blessing or a curse, and you’ll never know what to expect. Anyhow, you’ll surely need climate controlled storage NYC for storing your belongings during the move. Here is how to go through that process and what you need to consider when renting an apartment:

Renting a furnished apartment in NYC: All you need to know

Like we said earlier, you’ll never know what to expect in the first place. One thing we can surely say is that your budget plays a vital role here. If you are ready to invest more money, the better are the chances of finding some well-equipped apartment. There are indeed factors you need to consider before you decide to move in, and we’re going to bring up to you extra tips:

How furnished the apartment is?

Not all furnished apartments are equal. They all share the same name and they are called “furnished” but it’s entirely on you to find out what it means. Some of them include only necessities like beds, sofas, some basic kitchen elements or maybe a few carpets and lamps. Other than that, you’ll need to bring everything you need with you when moving in. That’s why short term furniture storage NYC can be an excellent solution. One of the ways to keep your belongings safe during the move is by using these storage units. They can be rented from almost every moving company, and they are specially designed to prevent theft. If you conclude that you can only afford an apartment with basic elements of furniture, the solution is to bring your items out of storage is the right one.

A leather sofa.
When you’re searching for furnished apartment, pay attention to the quality.

Check out furniture quality

Checking out the quality of the furniture before renting a furnished apartment in NYC is the key part. You need to be ready that you’re not the first person in that apartment ever and that not all pieces are brand new. This doesn’t mean you have to be satisfied with everything and have no criteria when choosing your new home, just to be realistic. Being prepared for something can help you with the final decision. One of the things you can also consider is using some of your pieces of furniture from your storage. That process of looking for the right apartment can last forever, but that is why you need to secure self storage NYC. Alarm systems and other types of protection will keep your belongings save s you’re searching for that perfect home.


One of the worst enemies of every sofa and generally furniture pieces are pets. Nobody knows why, but that’s just how it is. If you’re not a pet person, you have to add that question to the list of the questions you’re going to ask the owner when renting an apartment. Furnished apartments that are pet-friendly usually have some visual disadvantages. You’ll probably notice them when seeing them for the first time. That’s just one more piece of advice we can give you, but as soon as you realize that it’s not the right place for you, you can go further and then exclude all the places that are pet-friendly. Still, if you have a pet, you can bring out its favorite bed and blanket from your self storage Long Island City.

A dog sitting on the chair.
Pets are the main enemies of the furniture.

Excessive furniture

As soon as you see the apartment for the first time, you’ll know which one is the one. When you finally find out that your future apartment fits you in every possible way, you need to give a security deposit. However, nothing can go perfect, so there is a chance that certain pieces of furniture won’t be that great for you. Some pieces won’t fit the space how you imagined. That is why you can always ask your landlord to take out to the temporary storage unit those pieces of furniture. Then you can put some of yours in their place. There is really nothing wrong with this idea and request, just do it on time and plan your move properly.

Storage units.
Finding storage solutions is the best way to make your move to your new apartment easy.

Do you like it?

This question usually comes last or gets forgotten sometimes. You can’t allow yourself to forget such a significant factor. Now you’re choosing your new home, and you have to consider your life in the future. When moving to the city of New York, the greatest thing you can do for yourself is to find an affordable apartment that will be furnished to your taste or just close enough. Your expectations shouldn’t be too high, but you can’t ignore the fact that you really don’t like that apartment only because it fits your budget. Put yourself in the first place and imagine your life there.


Before you even start thinking about renting a furnished apartment in NYC, consider booking a storage unit. Engaging in this in your move will surely help you organize better. You’ll have a place for putting your belongings knowing that they will be safe during the whole moving process. That is only one reason to rent storage in NYC. Once you do that, you’ll be free to start searching for a perfect apartment that will fit your budget and satisfy all criteria. If you start exploring the market now, we’re sure you’ll find a perfect house soon. Just follow the steps from above and make sure to ask yourself if you can call that place a home at the end of the day. When you finally answer that question, you can start moving in and even bringing your own items and furniture pieces out of storage.


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