Tips for Storing Electronics


We prepared for you some of the best tips for storing electronics. Though it sounds easy, when it comes to storing electronics you need to be extra careful. The best way to protect your devices is to consider some storage options NYC. The storage will give your everything you need to protect your devices from the elements and provide extra safety. Furthermore, we prepared some of the best tips for storing electronics below.

Declutter and clean first

When dealing with electronics in general, it’s very important to do the decluttering necessary in order to set up the correct environment for dealing with any kind of electronic device. Furthermore, taking the extra steps and removing unnecessary furniture can help reduce the clutter. We recommend using furniture storage NYC to keep your belongings there while you deal with electronics. Once you finished cleaning up and removing unnecessary stuff from your space, you can now proceed to deal with more sensitive things like electronics.

putting eletronics in one place as one of the best tips for storing electronic
Cleaning the environment will make the process much smoother

Store in Original Packaging

We hope you didn’t throw all the original boxes that you had with your devices. They are the most valuable thing when it comes to storing electronics. So if possible, store your electronic belongings in their original packaging as these are designed to keep the items safe during storage and transportation as well. Furthermore, they have all the necessary stuff like covers and additional protection in their original package.

Backing everything up is one of the best tips for storing electronics

Whether you are keeping your electronics in a storage unit or basement, make sure you have the backup of all the pictures, software, music, and videos stored inside it. Just a small mistake could result in you losing valuable data. We suggest uploading it to some cloud service like Google Drive.

Not only does this save data in case something happens to your devices, but you will also have all the data available whenever you want. Don’t underestimate this step because a lot of the time you think you don’t need anything from the old devices and then you realize it too late.

Women doing research on tips for storing electronics
Backing everything up will save you a lot of headaches

Small electronics (not very fragile or sensitive)

So in order to pack your electronic devices, there are actually a few more steps you need to take. First, find a good storage space like storage in Manhattan NY. We recommend you don’t treat this like storing books or furniture. Anything that falls or takes a little bit of beating can have consequences so be careful with every little thing. Remember to tape thoroughly all your cardboard boxes. It will give all your items additional protection.

Furthermore, try not to make your boxes too heavy. The heavy items go in the middle so each box has a good balance and feel when handling it. Moreover, we recommend wrapping your electronics with some clothing that you don’t usually use. This will give natural and very good protection and at the same time, you can pack your clothes. It really has multiple benefits.

Some of the best tips for storing electronics is to be extra sensitive to electronic parts and components

The Heavy Stuff (TVs, Computers, Fridges, Stereo,..)

This is where the real “fun begins”. These items usually cost a lot and are the most sensitive things when handling. Things like TVs, Computers, and Stereos can break and be rendered useless just from a minor misstep.

We recommend you do the following:

  • Clean everything to mitigate unnecessary risks
  • Wrap everything you can in the original package (especially TVs, Monitors, PCs,..)
  • Remove any unnecessary things from the given object, like cables, food (from the fridge), and batteries (more on this later)
  • Leave the lids open for a day or two. This goes for shakers, washing machines, and anything that can develop that stale stench

If you’re not comfortable doing it by hiring movers and want to move your PC by yourself, that’s valid too. If you want, you can store your most valuable electronics (like a PC, Laptop,..) in your car and get a car storage NYC service. This will ensure your belongings are kept extra safe and in a place you are familiar with, your car.

Avoid Plastic Wrapping

As plastic traps moisture that can cause mold, avoid storing your electronics in plastic wrap. Moisture is one of the biggest dangers to electronic devices, and plastic attracts moisture. Instead, use a breathable fabric like cotton. It helps in keeping electronic devices safe.

If you are dealing with extra sensitive electronic parts, like a PC motherboard, or a CPU, we recommend using a special static-free bubble wrap. Most electronics can withstand some regular static that happens while moving but take into consideration the most delicate ones.

Think about the battery issue

Batteries with today’s technology are far from perfect.  We recommend using secure self storage NYC in order to store and protect your devices with batteries. Alkaline batteries are a special problem with long-term storage. They can leak corrosive substances and damage the components around them. We are suggesting you take them out and store them somewhere else.  If they leak, an expensive 500$ device can be rendered useless just because of a 1$ battery. It’s a safe bet to just remove all of them.

In contrast, we have lithium-ion batteries that can be found in most gadgets today (Smartphones, laptops, etc,..). These batteries are far safer and will have way less leakage than alkaline batteries, but they don’t come with their own problems. It’s important to remember to charge the batteries to around 50-80% before storage. It will prevent any “unusual” activities and minimize leakage chances. Of course, make sure that storage has a dry and cool environment.

electronic gadgets on a wooden table
All electronics use batteries whether alkaline or lithium-ion

An important tip for storing electronics – Climate Control

For electronics, choose to have a climate-controlled storage unit from different types of New York Storage Units available. It is essential as there are some types of electronics that end up breaking down in too hot, cold, or humid weather. A climate-controlled unit will keep your electronics in the same condition even if they are stored unused for many years. Dust can contain moisture, minerals, and other little things that can damage and shorten the lifespan of any electronic component.

Think about it, the best way to safeguard your PC is to protect it from dust. This applies to all electronics. It can over-amp your devices to higher voltages, cause connectivity issues, and heat issues, and compromise a lot of parts without you even realizing it. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures will surely shorten the lifespan of any device. Furthermore, it can cause damage to batteries and shorten their lifespan. This is why it’s important to protect it from the sun and other elements that heat up your device.


Dealing with cables can be a mess, but one thing to realize about cables is that it’s actually pretty bad leaving them when storing devices. Make sure you unplug everything that can be unplugged. Store cables in a separate place beside your device. But remember, you want them to be close so you can actually know which cables go in which devices.

Last thoughts on tips for Storing Electronics

These are some of the most important tips for storing electronics. We recommend you actually take the time and effort to make sure everything is safe and sound because a lot can go wrong with electronics. They are the most delicate things in our household and need to be treated with great care. Nevertheless, we think you will be more than ready with these tips.


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