Tips for storing fine china items


We typically receive fine china items as presents or inherit them as a family legacy. However, due to the limited space in living rooms, these items sit unused and on display. To protect precious belongings from harm, consider temporarily storing fine china items in a self-storage facility. While certain items can be crammed into a box and labeled as packed, the majority of your goods will take more care and attention. Because these are fragile items, you must take specific precautions to guarantee that fine china remains safe and secure in the storage facility.

person storing fine china items in parchment
The choice of packaging materials is crucial for storing fine china items

Make sure china is clean and dust-free

When storing china, it should first be thoroughly cleaned and dusted. Grime contains acids that can damage the surface of your china, and dust can enter into gaps. This is especially difficult with acrylic or repaired china, but it is critical to ensure that all china is clean before packing and storage.

Get the right supplies to properly pack fine china

It is critical to utilize high-quality resources when packing fragile objects. This will be the first layer of defense against the outside world for your belongings. If you utilize inferior materials, your breakables are likely to be damaged. That’s something you don’t want, especially if you’re transporting precious breakables like fine china to extra space storage NYC have. So buy your packing materials that they’re durable and provide adequate protection. You will require the following items:

  1. plastic bins or boxes in various sizes
  2. glassware special boxes
  3. a large quantity of packing paper, both whole and shredded, bubble wrap or other cushioning material (towels, blankets, sheets, and other fabric work as well)
  4. long-lasting tape markers or labels
woman label carton box with marker
Don’t forget to label every box before storing fine china items

Packing fragile objects safely is crucial, but don’t go overboard!

Pressure is one of the most dangerous enemies of fragile items. Certain sensitive goods can be chipped, dented, or shatter with even the slightest amount of pressure. The best method to avoid this is to protect your belongings by wrapping them in protective fabric. But did you realize that your belongings are susceptible to pressure even when packed?

Too many items packed in one package or wrapped too tightly, create a lot of pressure, which constricts the item. As a result, professionals recommend leaving some wiggle room in your boxes. Furthermore, while wrapping breakables for NYC apartment storage, avoid going overboard. There is a considerable difference between packing a package tightly and cramming it dangerously tightly. Nothing can go wrong if you provide some breathing room for both your packing materials and your contents.

Store items in individual wrappers

China should never be wrapped in a stack; it should always be wrapped separately. As a result, nothing will scuff against anything else or clink and chip. In particular, this is crucial for delicate items like bone china tea sets. Even while the extra wrapping takes up more room, it provides vital protection.

Don’t store fine china items in newspaper

Even while it could be tempting, it’s not a good idea to use the newspaper to wrap fine china items. The newspaper contains ink, and while being stored, the ink may transfer to fine china. Choose foam wrap or simple, acid-free tissue paper instead. Stay away from anything colored that could stain your expensive dinnerware.

couple packing belongings in parchment near different boxes indoors
For all of your precious china, purchase enough storage boxes

Keep china bowls and plates upright

Despite the fragility of their rims, bowls and plates are best packed on their sides due to their form. Making ensuring the covering safeguards the delicate edges is essential. In a bigger container, support the plates or bowls from the bottom and snuggle them close together on their sides. These will ensure that everything will be safe and protected before you use some of the best pick up and storage NYC services.

Label every box

Finally, you’re done with your packing. It might be challenging to remember exactly what you put in each box, so make an inventory sheet and clip it to the exterior of each box or bin. As a result, even if they are in different boxes, you will be able to quickly locate your dessert plates and coffee service from your tableware. If you don’t have enough storage space at home, a fantastic choice is to try one of the companies that offer self storage first month free in NYC. Most customers continue to rent since it makes their lives easier; but if you change your minds, you will know exactly what is in each box.

Reduce dust with a glass-front cabinet

Packing china isn’t the only way to keep it safe. A sideboard, cabinet, or china hutch can also be used to store your china. The trick here is to ensure that the cabinet has doors to prevent dust from gathering and perhaps ruining the china. A protective cabinet can also safeguard stored china from inadvertent bumps on open shelves. Use dividers between the various pieces of china while stacking them in a cabinet.

One component in the stack can be prevented from scratching another by using a piece of thin foam, a few sheets of tissue paper, or even an old linen napkin. To avoid placing too much weight on the things at the bottom, keep stacks to no more than 10 pieces.

man taping a box for storing fine china items
Get some helpful advice from professionals if you need it

Consider upgrading to specialized storage when storing fine china items

No matter what type of fine china items you have, maintaining the value requires appropriate storage. When you next pull it out, it will still look as gorgeous as it does right now if you take the time to store it safely. Consider upgrading to more specialized storage for storing fine china items if you have excellent china that has been handed down from family members. The highly regarded company NYC Mini Storage offers various storage spaces which will meet your needs in full.


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