Tips for storing Halloween decorations


Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in Northern America. During this period, many children, and adults, love to portray their favorite characters or use their imagination to dress up as someone. Moreover, during Halloween, it is a tradition to decorate your home as well. Whether you only decorate your front yard or your entire home inside and out, these decorations are a must. However, as the holiday passes, you need to ensure that these decorations can be used the next year as well. That is why we are talking about storing Halloween decorations and how to do it properly. On the other hand, if you need to rent a storage unit or certain packing supplies to ensure your items remain intact while in storage, consider hiring services of NYC Mini Storage. When looking to store your belongings, it is important to have a reliable company by your side.

How to approach storing Halloween decorations?

If you are planning on placing your decorations inside a storage unit, you need to ensure that the decorations do not suffer any damage while inside. The two main factors that will determine the well-being of your items are the conditions of the unit and the way you pack them. Furthermore, another reason why one should be careful how they pack their decorations from this year is that that will determine how easy you will unpack them the next.

two skeletons in the front yard with lights behind them to represent storing Halloween decorations
The more fragile the decoration is, the more attention you will need to devote when packing

Basically, you want to pack and protect the items for storage the same way you would want to have an easy time unpacking them when the next holiday comes. So, grab your pen and paper and start writing down all the things you need to do to ensure the safety of your items. From choosing the right self-storage unit to obtaining packing supplies, let us break the process down.

First and foremost – Choosing the right facility

Not any type of storage will work in this scenario. Furthermore, not any facility can be reliable enough to safely protect your items. When wanting to search for storage, whether we are talking about long-term storage or short-term storage, you need to rent it from a reliable company or facility in your area. Moreover, you need to find a company that will share the same value for these items as you do. Of course, one could say that these are only decorations, not something valuable.

However, being a victim of a burglary or theft, for example, is not pleasant, regardless of the items at stake. So, when looking for a secure self storage NYC facility, search for ones that offer:

  • Safe and secure storage units with adequate security systems and options
  • 24/7 hour access to the unit
  • Accessible units
  • Adequate conditions for various item types, etc.

Opt for plastic bins, not cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are usually the “go-to” container type when storing something. However, because we are dealing with items that are most likely made of fabrics of some sort, they need special protection. In a sense, this is the same approach as you would pack wardrobe in a unit.

a guy with a plastic box
Plastic bins offer much better protection from outside factors than cardboard boxes do

Fabrics are usually quite “crawlable” and offer dark and secluded places for a lot of pests. If you go for cardboard containers, pests and rodents can easily enter the container and nest in your decorations. Apart from pests or rodents, you can often encounter spiders, which is never a pleasant encounter. So, if you plan on storing Halloween decorations, do it in plastic bins to protect them from rodents, pests, and other bugs that might crawl inside. Of course, if you opt for clean and pest-free short or long term storage NYC offers, you will have no such problems.

Separate by type when storing Halloween decorations

As the time comes to start packing your decorations, you ought to do it in an order that will be easy to keep track of. Basically, we advise you to separate different types of items into different types of bins. That way, you can always know which item is in which bin. For example, you can place figurines or smaller plastic items in one bin. If you need additional boxes & supplies, you can always resort to your local storage facility, as they often offer these supplies.

Finally, you want to try and do this process one room at a time. This will make it easier for you to grasp everything. Sticking to the plan of organization is the key to a successful packing process. It will help you tackle the packing process much better, as well as the unpacking that will come next year.

You do not have to store everything

It is no secret that a lot of decorations live for a couple of years. Us, constantly reusing them is a good thing tho. Recycling helps our environment, as well as our wallets each year. However, there comes a time when a decorative piece did its job. Logically, after using the same decoration for a couple of years straight, its quality will decay.

a lot of cardboard being pressed
Some decorations will just take space in your storage, so maybe it is time to discard them, especially if they are cheap or handcrafted

Maybe it is time for that decoration to go into another type of bin, the one that is not for storage. No one is expecting these decorations to have a long life and that is okay. They serve a purpose once every year and this might make it easier for us to get rid of them. If you already have these items in your storage, do not worry. You can always rely on storage pickup services to transport your belongings back and forth.

Cleaning the decorations, as the final process

If you plan on storing Halloween decorations the right way, you have to ensure they are clean before sealing the box. In fact, as soon as you pick the decoration up and get ready to place it in a box, check to see if it is dirty. Dirty decorations can cause harm to other decorations in the box. Furthermore, they can also cause issues once you open that box a year later. Finally, outside decorations will almost always require cleaning due to the environment they were in. Many outdoor decorations can easily have bugs or dirt on them. So, make sure you check everything before you store it inside a box and leave it in storage until the next year.


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