Tips for storing Valentine’s Day decoration in NYC


Many couples really enjoy and love celebrating Valentine’s Day, it’s the one day a year that’s all about love and showing off your significant other. And love is a very important thing in all of our lives, we can agree. Storing Valentine’s Day decoration can be tricky if you own some bulkier or bigger decoration pieces. That’s why extra space storage NYC can be a lifesaver. Now let’s talk about some of the most helpful tips on storage!

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What will you need?

Self-storage NYC: If you’re living in a smaller apartment, or your apartment is stacked as is, it might be time to consider renting a storage unit. Storage units are an amazing investment when you look at the big picture. Suddenly, your decoration, and maybe even other items you’re not using, have a place of their own. And the biggest perk? This place is not at your home creating even more mess.

Stackable plastic bins: These will come in handy so much, you’re not even aware. Not only are they transparent and you can actually see what is where, but they are designed for the perfect stacking. All of the space in your storage unit will be used very wisely.

Storage bags: Storage bags are amazing for preserving the quality of the decorations that can’t fit in plastic bins. 

Anything that will help you in storing Valentine’s Day decoration: For example, some people like using coat hangers or similar items to hang their lights. We would recommend coiling them and placing them in their designated box. But if you don’t have the box, or fear ripping them, this is a good option. Quality storage solutions require a bit of creativity. So be creative!

Duster or damp cloth: You will want to wipe the dust off of your items before storing them. This will make sure they stay clean, as well as undamaged.

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Keeping things clean and pristine is the best way to ensure the longevity of your items.

How long will this process take?

Well, it really depends on how many decorations you have. And how elaborate they are for packing. Generally, it will probably take around the same amount as setting the decorations up. You can account for a bit longer since you will have additional steps along the way.

What is the correct way to go about storing Valentine’s Day decoration?

First things first, you need to clean your decoration before you decide to place it in self-storage Manhattan. Dusting each piece off and wrapping it in something safe should do the trick. This can either be packing paper or bubble wrap, whichever you prefer. Why wipe the pieces? Wiping them down with a damp cloth will ensure that you get rid of any pollen, sap, or similar elements that can cause damage. Another important thing to remember is to remove all batteries from decorations going into storage. Battery acid can eat away at your decoration as well as the storage bin.

For glass items and ornaments we recommend bubble wrap or even boxes of the perfect size. Why are we stressing the importance of size? If you place your decoration in a perfectly sized box, it will have no room to move and will stay safe and secure. So, if you haven’t already, don’t throw away your decoration boxes. But, if you’re out of the perfect boxes, worry not. You can always repurpose wine boxes or egg cartons to fit your smaller gentler decorations and keep them safe.

How should you pack for storing Valentine’s Day decoration?

We’re hoping you listen to our recommendation and get plastic storage bins. Even when it comes to small storage NYC, they have proved to be an amazing asset. Instead of worrying if your cardboard box will get moldy or wet, you can rest assured that your plastic bin will be in one piece. And you can see all of your items, perfection.

If you want to make things an additional step easier, you can dedicate bins to different decorations. For example, one plastic bin can be just for lights, or window decorations. If you don’t have too much Valentine’s decor, you can just dedicate one bin for all of your Valentine’s Day decoration. Still, remember to label the bins for an even easier search in the future.

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Labeling your storage boxes or bins will help you stay organized. And you will always know where to search for each item.

Do you really need storage space?

It can be tempting to keep your decoration in the attic or basement and call it a day. This is not a bad approach but it leaves room for damage to occur. Not everyone is up for renting a storage unit and that is completely valid. We’re just here to point out all the amazing things modern storage units offer. Did you know that most if not all modern storage units offer a controlled climate? This means no extreme heat, or cold and no humidity to damage anything. If rodents are something crossing your mind, let them cross. They won’t be able to go into a modern storage unit. All of the units are under surveillance and you always have guaranteed insurance. Wouldn’t you say it’s quite the investment?

If you have some Valentine’s Day posters or artwork, storage can look a bit different. For posters, we recommend plastic tubes that won’t let moisture enter. And for paintings, you will need to pack each painting individually and very securely. Paintings are among the things easiest to damage in storage and transportation.

We hope that storing Valentine’s Day decoration will be an easy process for you! You will always have your beloved Valentine’s Day decorations if you follow our steps, so what are you waiting for?


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