Tips For Vehicle Storage


There are various reasons why people may need vehicle storage. Some leave for a vacation, keep the vehicle from winter damage, move overseas, or else. Whatever the reason may be, there are some preparations to be done before storing a vehicle.

Here are some helpful tips:

Get your vehicle cleaned completely before leaving. This will remove any dirt that may cause corrosion or rusting, as the moisture in the mud leads to corrosion.
An inactive vehicle can cause the acid inside the lubricants to corrode the engine. Replace the lubricant.

There are various issues faced by the owners, when they store their vehicle for long. Batteries tend to discharge when they are not utilized for long period of time. Disconnecting the battery cables will help avoid any difficulties with the circuits when you return.

All automobiles need regular maintenance to function properly. Leaving your vehicle for long period may result in corrosion and also the formation of sludge inside the engine.
The parts of the vehicle require oiling and lubrication to function properly. Oil and filter, anti-freeze, power steering fluid, tranny fluid and brake fluid should all be changed right before storage.

You can use plastic sheets to prevent moisture from degrading the tires. Also, check for proper air pressure in the tires. Keeping the vehicle on blocks or a jack stands can help avoid “flat-spotting” while in storage.

Covering the vehicle ahead of storage will help prevent the accumulation of dust. Use a dry and clean cover for your vehicle. Vehicle storage is the best option for you, when leaving for long period of time. Talk to the facility and understand their terms and conditions before finalizing the deal.


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