Tips on Moving into a New Apartment in NYC


Moving is always such a complex event. It comes up with a lot of excitement, but it also brings many obligations and decisions that have to be done. One thing is sure: when you’re moving into a new apartment in NYC you should get every help possible. So take time to read all the tips. New York City is a great place for a living. But in a way, it is an urban jungle. Apartments there are often too small for all your belongings. So many New Yorkers use full service storage NYC has to offer. And you should think of it, too.

What you should know about renting a storage space?

If you’ve never before used a storage unit, you should find out something about this market. The first thing is to find search for some storage rental NYC. The best-case scenario is to ask a friend who lives in New York for a recommendation. But if that is not the case, you will have to take some time to research. Not every company is reliable, so read all you can find about them.

If you will live in an NYC apartment, you will probably need a storage unit.

Our advice is to get storage close to your new home. So, if you are planning to move to Long Island, you should look for some storage facilities Long Island City based. The advantage of that is that you will be able to go to the unit if you need to, to take some items or to put there some new ones. And since people often spend a lot of time commuting in a big city like New York, everything else should be close to you.

Here are our tips on moving into a new apartment in NYC

Moving is such a perfect time to decide what you really need and what is not so important to you. We all tend to keep things far longer than we actually need and use them. And once you decide to relocate, especially in a busy place like New York, it is time to reconsider what belongings will move with you. But don’t worry. If you have items you want to keep and don’t have space for them in your new home, you can put them in self storage NYC. Self-storage is such a great option, you can approach your things with ease any time you want to.

moving into a new apartment in NYC
Here are our tips on moving into a new apartment in NYC.

Decluttering is an important part of moving

So once you decide what you want to move to your new life, decide what you will do with the rest. You have three other options. Some of those items you can sell and that way earn some money. Some of them you can gift to your loved ones or donate. Those items that are damaged or broken are ready for recycling. Remind yourself that this is not a situation to be selfish. Someone will use those things that are just holding dust in your space.


One of the essential parts of every move is packing. You will need to order some quality packing material. Don’t save your money on this, because you want your belongings to stay safe during the transportation. Order some cardboard boxes, tapes, and bubble wrap to start. Then put in there all your belongings piece by piece. Another important thing you should do is to label all the boxes. This is the moment to label boxes that you plan to put in storage. Once you move, you can use the storage pick up service. That will save you some time once you get to your new apartment.

Labeling is a step that could make your life easier. You can put the name of the room to which items in the box belong to. That way, it will be easy for you to unpack it all once you get to that. If you have a larger number of smaller items in the box, write it all on the label. The same applies to fragile things that have to be signed to warn anyone who come in touch with them. For those items, use some extra bubble wrap or some clothes to keep them safe during transportation.

Prepare your new home before moving

The smart thing to do is to prepare your new place before you and your stuff gets there. If you need to paint your walls, do that in advance. This is especially important if you want to do some reparations. You need that they take time, so plan with repairmen to finish it all in time. Don’t wait for it. Once you know where you are moving to, see the condition of your new NYC apartment and all you want to change. One of the first things is to plan that all, so everything is just well done before the big, moving day.

Prepare your new home before moving.

Get to know your new neighborhood

Information is the key and preparation will make your life so much easier. The time spent on that is never wasted. So before you move to your new apartment, find out all you can about your new neighborhood. Find information on public transportation that will carry you to your work, or on the best route, if you go by car. Look for some markets and coffee shops you could enjoy. Or even some fitness places where you can go, so you don’t have to make big changes in your lifestyle for a long time.

Moving into a new apartment in New York City

New York City is such a dream for many. So many people are already living there, and even more, are dreaming of doing that. If you are one of the lucky ones that are moving into a new apartment in New York City, you know you will have a blast. We hope that you will find our advice helpful and that you will prepare yourself well for this change. Remember that things can go wrong in the process. But there is a solution to every problem. Just stay calm and know: All shall pass.


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