Tips on packing and storing holiday treasures


Holidays are the most beautiful days of the year, and all generations can confirm that. Because everyone looks forward to the holidays equally. If we ask who the most, the answer is kids. What is the main attraction of the holidays is holiday treasures, or simply put, holiday decoration. Of the holidays, Christmas and New Year are the most famous, followed by Easter and all other holidays. And the most beautiful holiday decoration is for the New Year and Christmas. So, it’s known that we use holiday treasures during the holidays, but what do we do after that? The best solution is NYC Mini Storage. This is an ideal place to store your treasure until the next use. So, if you are for that, our packing and storing holiday treasures tips will come in handy. Also, we will reveal to you the interesting history of holiday treasures.

What to do after the holidays end?

During the holidays, your home sparkled. So, we believe that decorating the home is the most interesting part, as well as opening the presents. But when the holidays are over, you’ll have a lot of work to do. So, for the Christmas and New Year holidays, you will have many decorations, decorative candles, decorative lights, a Christmas tree, yard decorations such as reindeer, Santa Claus, etc. It all looks beautiful, but when the holidays are over, you’ll be wondering what to do with your holiday treasures?

Easter holiday
During the Easter holidays, there aren’t many decorations, so packing and storing these decorations will not be a difficult job.

Let’s mention that there are other holidays like Easter, Halloween, and many other holidays. It’s fun for your kids to decorate the home, but do they have just as much fun taking down all the decorations, packing, and storing them? So, when the holidays are over, you can think about storage near NYC. If you want your holiday treasures to be in a safe place, consider all options. Also, by using storage you can save space in your home.

Maybe your best solution can be storing your holiday treasures?

If you are looking for a cost-effective, safe and useful solution for your holiday treasures, storage services may be your best choice. Regardless of where you are in New York, you can easily get to the storage unit. So, if you are in Manhattan right now, you can look for Manhattan storage NYC. This can be an ideal solution in other situations when you need storage of your things or additional space in your home. It’s also important to note that storage requires adequate preparation and packaging of the things you will store.

Using storage can bring you various benefits. Also, we said that you can use the storage in every situation so, it’s very important to mention which services are available to you when you need safe additional space. Long and short-term storage, apartment storage, commercial storage, and car storage are available depending on your needs. So, if you have a big sleigh, or a festive New Year’s or Easter truck, where you sell holiday sweets, and you want to store it until the next holidays, you can count on the car storage NYC. It will be a safe place for your holiday vehicle. And what is most important, your vehicle will be available to you at any time.

Storage units
Secure storage units can be an ideal solution for packing and storing holiday treasures.

Packing and storing holiday treasures – useful tips

Do you think it is easy to sort and pack all the holiday decorations? First of all, you will need a lot of time and nerves for this job. So, get ready. We wanted to make this job a little easier for you and that’s why we decided to prepare useful tips for you when it comes to packing and storing your holiday decoration. Let’s see!

  • Instead of removing all the decorations, it’s better to take the boxes and go in order.
  • Start with the light bulbs, take them off, fold them, and put them in special bags. Then put all the bags in one box.
  • Pack lanterns and other decorations in boxes, placing soft paper between them.
  • Pack large ornaments separately, wrap them in bubble wrap, and store them that way.
  • For packing and storage of your decorations, use quality packaging.
  • Be sure to mark what is inside the boxes.

After your holiday treasures are packed and ready for storage, you can use the storage pickup NYC service. The company comes to your address, loads your things, and transports them to the chosen storage. Of course, you can do this too. And also, you can be present when professional staff unloads your things. Then you will have the possibility to arrange your boxes in the storage as you wish. Also, this applies to all other things you want to store.

Holiday treasures history

In the beginning, we thought we would reveal a little interesting history of holiday treasures. First of all, know that it can be as old as you, or even older. Every decoration has its own history, and it’s likely that your mothers or grandmothers gave you some of the holiday decorations that they kept for years or that they inherited. Such things are real holiday treasures and have strong sentimental value. So, did you know that most traditional ornaments have their own story, that is, history?

holidays treasure
All decorations carry an amazing history with them, so discover them!

In the 17th century, the trend of decorating the Christmas tree with lighted candles began in Germany. This tradition came to the USA around 1830. President Franklin Pierce decorated his Christmas tree in the White House in this way in 1856. However, this method of decoration was replaced by the invention of electric lights in the late 1890s. One of the most famous holiday souvenirs, which is a very common choice for a gift when it comes to Christmas, is a snow globe that was created in the 19th century in France. Also, the first appearance of the Christmas stocking was in the song “Twas a night before a Christmas”. And Christmas wreaths date back to ancient Greece and Rome when they were placed on the head and symbolized strength and eternal life. Today, they are placed on doors and symbolize the holiday spirit.

So, this is an amazing history of Christmas decoration, so, if you have any of this, and if the item has been with you for many years, consider it a real holiday treasure. And be careful when packing and storing holiday treasures. 


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