Tips to lessen your moving stress level in New York City


Moving is as exciting as it is stressful. It’s a huge transition that many people experience a few times in their lives. Very often, due to the time-consuming nature of moving, people tend to experience quite a bit of stress. It can accumulate to a lot, which is why you need to know some tips to lessen your moving stress level. Moving should be an exciting time! You’re looking forward to a new chapter of your life! As the owners of a storage facility NYC, we’d like to share some tips you might not have heard before.

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Don’t worry, you can do it!

Allow yourself rest

If your initial reaction to reading these words was “That’s a waste of my time!”, then you might need to rest more than you think. Moving is taxing, and not only physically, but also mentally. Be sure to set aside enough time for the things that relax and nourish your body and mind. For some people, this might mean going to the gym every two days like usual. If you have a gym routine, try sticking to it. Exercise does wonders for the mind and body. Or, it could mean walking your dog twice a day. These little things that relieve your muscles and let your mind rest should become one of your priorities.

Also, try and be open to your friends and family. There is no reason you need to feel like a burden to your loved ones! Tell them about your stress, and talk through it. They will surely give you words of encouragement and even just talking about it can relieve a good amount of stress. These are the first few things you can do to lessen your moving stress level.

Try to begin the moving process ahead of time

Get into the moving mindset and begin everything slowly. If you start a good while before moving day, you can continue life as usual while spending a few hours a day on moving preparation. Starting everything in advance will give you the opportunity to create an ideal moving plan. You can plan out each of your steps, and even have leftover time if you do it correctly. Also, keep in mind that you can experience bumps in the road in your moving process. Sometimes, due to weather or other things we can’t control, moving can be delayed.

Luckily though, storage Long Island City is here to save the day. If you need to leave your current residence, but your new home isn’t prepared, renting storage can save you a lot of headaches. You can temporarily store your items until your home is prepared for moving in. Trust us, there is no better way to handle this kind of surprise.

A notebook with a checklist
Checklists can help you stay on track while also motivating you!

Hire all the services you need on time

Even though you might not be able to completely lessen your moving stress level, you can still minimize it. A lot of people decide to conduct a DIY move. We’d advise against this as it is ten times more stressful than simply hiring help. Moving and storage companies offer so many different services to choose from. You might just want someone to drive your items to your new home, or you could need someone to pack you up, or even motorcycle storage NYC. Nowadays, whatever you need can be found. And we do mean whatever.

Choosing the right moving company is the best way to lessen your stress. You will know that trustworthy professionals are taking care of your items. Book your movers ahead of time and organize the rest of the process according to moving day. Movers have a lot of work, so we recommend booking them a few months in advance. And be careful when choosing movers! We would advise you to choose based on recommendation, if possible. If not, just be careful that they are licensed and insured movers.

Decide what your priorities are

Now, with the help of your detailed plan and schedule, you can decide what your priorities are. Moving day will provide you with a deadline of when everything needs to be done. So, you have all of the time until moving day comes to prepare everything. We would urge you to try and incorporate checklists through your preparations and packing. Checklists can prove to be an amazing tool to lessen your moving stress level. For example, before you even start your packing process, it would be wise to purge your home. What does that mean? Go through your belongings and decide what you no longer need or what no longer serves you. Sell, donate, or throw away these items. Now, packing can commence!

On the other hand, if your priorities are spending time with your loved ones, or working, organize things another way. Make sure you have enough time for what you value, while also preparing for the move. Balance can be hard to find, but you will find it when you find what works for you. Also, if you’re moving your business, you’d be surprised by the number of commercial storage units NYC. Renting a commercial storage unit can also be beneficial in your future! So, think about it.

A woman thinking in the bathtub
Get relaxed and think about your priorities. Then be sure to fulfill them!

Ask loved ones for help

We, as people, are very community-based. Our little communities, be it families or friend groups, provide a great deal of inspiration and energy to us. Also, doing everything alone can get a bit depressing. Just asking your loved ones to help out with packing could lessen your moving stress level by a hundred. While you all pack together, you can chat and joke and create a fun experience out of the whole thing. Just imagine looking back at your moving process and thinking “That was fun!”. This is what you should strive for.


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