Tips to Store Electronic Equipment


If you are planning a relocation or home staging, or you simply wish to tidy up your home a bit, it is important to take care of your electronic devices. This equipment has very delicate parts and for this reason, it can easily undergo damage. Nowadays, most households have many different electronic devices. Items such as consoles, games, exercise equipment, or pet gear can make a serious clutter in your home. In order to make your home neat and study, you can rent a full service storage NYC. But before placing your goods in a storage unit, you need to make sure to prepare everything properly for storing your items away. This way you will ensure that your belongings stay protected. It is vital to provide protection during transportation and in a storage unit. Therefore, read this article and discover tips to store electronic equipment.

various devices on a black surface
Learn some useful tips to store electronic equipment properly

Why use storage for your electronic devices?

Using storage units can be useful on many different levels. At some point, you may discover that you have too many electronic devices and that you do not use all of them. Also, you may be planning to relocate soon and need a safe place to store away these expensive belongings. Whatever the case, putting items in storage rental NYC will provide a great level of protection for your belongings. Electronic devices are prone to physical damage. Factors like water, fire, humidity, or crashes can easily damage your goods. Therefore, storing items away in a safe storage area will provide the necessary protection for your goods.

Take your inventory and get rid of the unnecessary items

Before you start preparing your electronic devices for a storage unit, it is important to make an inventory list. In addition, while going through your belongings and check each one of them. For all the items that do not work anymore, you should not consider storing them away. In addition, for the items you no longer use, think about storing them away until you decide what to do further with them.

Tips to store electronic equipment safely

The better you prepare your goods for storage the longer they will stay in good condition. Therefore, before you take any packing action, it is important to clean all the electronic devices. Removing dust from crevices and circuits will keep them safe. If you have the possibility, use an air compressor to remove dust or cobweb inside your computer hardware. Before booking a storage pick up service, make sure that your data is secure. That means that you should double-check the data and create backups for the devices such as a computer, portable storage devices, smartphones, cameras, etc.

a young woman reading tips to store electronic equipment oh her cell phone
Clean and dust off all your devices before packing them

Remove all the plugs and cables

Once you back up your data, it is important to concentrate on separate physical parts of your devices. For this reason, remove all the cables and connections from the electronic device. Segregate the cables into groups in relation to their respective appliances and coil them in circles. Then place them in a separate compartment.

Take out the batteries from your devices

One of the most important tips to store electronic equipment is to remove the batteries from all the devices you plan to store. In most cases, batteries can go bad when you do not use a device for some time. These can easily leak and cause damage or even make your device explode. Therefore, before putting items into self storage NYC, make sure to remove the batteries and recycle them. It is also advisable that you buy new ones when you wish to use your devices again.

Start with packing preparations

When it comes to storing devices, one of the most important factors is to protect your monitors and screens. These can easily crack and get scratches if they come in contact with abrasive surfaces. To avoid possible damage, you need to cover your electronics with cotton cloths and/or towels. Also, you may use cardboard and canvas for better protection. When preparing items for storage facilities Long Island City, never use plastic to cover your electronics. It does not allow air to circulate and hence leads to a collection of moisture. For gadgets such as tablets, gaming consoles, or smartphones, it is advisable to use tempered glass.

Tips to store electronic equipment- use bubble wrap for additional protection

Since electrical products are fragile, you should always wrap them up with cushioning materials before placing them in any kind of storage. To add an extra layer of protection you can use bubble warp, especially for larger devices such as your TV or computer. Anti-static bubble wraps not only provide additional cushioning for your items. These can also protect items from static shock and even protect the smallest or more delicate parts.

a person sitting on the floor and preparing to cut bubble wrap
Use additional cushioning to protect your items from damage

Do not forget to cover vents and gaps

All the gaps and cooling vents allow dust to go through and possibly damage your electronic gear. In addition, pests can also access the internal components through these gaps. For this reason, it is important to seal these parts with some kind of tape that will not damage the item once you peel it off.

Place the items in their original boxes

If you still keep them the best solution is to pack your items in their original boxes. Therefore, for TVs, laptops, desktops, or speakers it is always advisable to use their boxes. This way you will ensure that the items fit into the boxes properly. In addition, you will put little or no additional cushioning. In case you no longer keep them, you can buy some quality boxes on Amazon or in some local store. When placing items in boxes, make sure that the heaviest parts are at the bottom with additional cushioning. Also, remember to label each box, especially the cables and other parts of a device.

When preparing items for storage, it is important to use tips to store electronic devices. Your items will be safe in a storage unit that you will rent. However, before placing the items there, make sure to give them proper protection and wrap things safely. This is the only way that your items will stay protected for a long time.


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