Top 10 moving mistakes and how to avoid them


Moving is not simple and easy for people who are moving for the first time. Even if you have moving experience, mistakes happen. Moving easily becomes overwhelming and exhausting if you do it yourself. To make moving easier, it is important to find a good moving company that will be with you every step of the way. But also to provide yourself with reliable storage space NYC. In addition, it is enough to know what are the common moving mistakes and how to avoid them. We have singled out for you the 10 most common mistakes when moving. And we’ve tried to give you ways you can warn them.

Here are the most common moving mistakes and how to avoid them:

  1. Not checked the moving company
  2. Thinking you can do everything yourself
  3. Exceeded moving budget
  4. Being late with packing
  5. Carrying too much stuff
  6. Rental of storage space of inappropriate size
  7. Lack of paper is one of the moving mistakes 
  8. Unmarked moving boxes
  9. You did not measure the space in the new house
  10. Poor organization
Calculator and papers.
Too small a budget is a common moving mistake and you can easily avoid it if you calculate on time all expenses.

Check the moving company

The first thing you need to check when moving is a moving company. For your move to be easy and successful, you need trusted movers. If you haven’t checked the movers, you can easily come across scammers.

How to avoid – Be sure to read the reviews before hiring a moving company. Check with several companies and request a free estimate for your move. After that, choose one of the trusts.

You did not ask for help

You have decided to relocate yourself without the help of movers. And then you didn’t even ask for help from friends or family about moving. Your move will be difficult if you do not leave part of the work to someone.

How to avoid – Moving is not a job for one person. If you have decided to move alone, you still need to seek the help of at least family and friends. They will be happy to help you and take you away from some jobs while you are finishing your duties, such as preparing lunch, storing things, packing some things, babysitting…

You have exceeded your budget

If you have not set a relocation budget before moving, you will be in big trouble. When you suddenly have the cost of moving for which you have no more money, you get a headache.

How to avoid – Setting a budget is very important. To determine the exact budget for your move, ask the company to estimate the move, and include additional costs. Set aside some money for emergencies. Don’t forget to include daily expenses – like are groceries – because they don’t disappear when you decide to move.

Movers are loading the truck.
Seek help from a friend or family when planning a move.

Late start with packing is one of the moving mistakes and it will be easy for you to avoid it

When you move, packing is a complicated process. If you are late for the start of packaging, you must do your best to be expressed. You don’t want a moving day to come and you haven’t done anything.

How to avoid it– Set packing deadlines and start packing on time. Stick to your deadlines.

Carrying too many things

Only when you start packing for relocation do you realize how many things you have. You probably don’t need that much. And besides, you decide to pack everything. So you spend both time packing and money paying for moving for things you don’t need.
How to avoid – Make a declutter before you start packing. Throw out some of the things and donate them to charity. For one part, rent a self-storage NYC and save it until you need it again. And pack the rest for relocation.

You have rented a storage space that is too small

You decided to store some of the things for moving because you don’t need them right away, and you used a storage rental NYC for that. However, you did not calculate well and now you have realized that you need more space to store things.

How to avoid – Think carefully about how much you will store. Then ask the companies that rent storage units that would suit you best. But if you still make a mistake and take small storage space, you can always talk to the workers to replace it with a larger one. Or in the end, still think about getting rid of some more things and reducing the amount you will save.

You forgot to get all the necessary papers

Moving day is approaching and you still do not have all the necessary permits and documents for moving. This can be very inconvenient and will very likely lead to a delay in relocation. Getting paper at the last minute is not recommended as it can easily happen that you do not arrive on time to save everything.

How to avoid – The solution is simple. As soon as you schedule your move, request the necessary permits. If you do it now, even if there are some complications, you have time to get everything until the day of moving.

You did not mark the boxes with the items for moving

At first glance, this does not seem like a terrible moving mistake. However, if your boxes are not marked, there is a good chance that you will not be able to find where are your stuff. Just imagine rummaging through the boxes the day after moving to find the basic things you need.

How to avoid– it’s very simple – write on each box what is inside. You can use colors and color code boxes – each room gets a color and all the boxes that go into that room are marked with that color. But you also have to write down what’s in the box to make it easier for you.

Self storage units
Make sure you rent storage in the size you need.

You did not measure the space in the house

Only after you have moved do you realize that certain furniture cannot pass through the door or that you do not have room in the room for the sofa you wanted.

How to avoid – Look for a sketch with the dimensions of the space in which you are moving. Or at least visit the space in time to measure all the rooms to make sure the furniture can fit.

Poor organization

Good organization is most important when moving. It depends on how you will successfully realize all other aspects of moving – packaging, transportation…

How to avoid – Start planning and organizing on time. If this seems like too much for you, seek the help of a moving company. They will be happy to help you in all aspects to make your move successful.

Learning about moving mistakes and how to avoid them

Moving is a complicated and complex process, so it can easily happen that you make a mistake if you are not well prepared. It is up to you to prepare well and try to find out which are moving mistakes and how to avoid them. If you still make a mistake, with the help of a good moving company and a safe self-storage Bronx, everything should be fine.


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