Top storage mistakes to avoid


There are many situations where renting a storage unit can be of much help. However, putting your items in storage and doing it inappropriately could easily put your items at risk. To help you avoid those mistakes and properly utilize the extra storage space NYC storage companies offer, we prepared a list of top storage mistakes to avoid. Now, let’s take a look at how to choose storage and make sure that your items are safe and secured regardless of their type and regardless of how long you plan to keep them stored.

Do not rent the cheapest storage

When it comes to choosing a storage facility in which your items will be stored, most people look for the cheapest solution. But is that the smartest thing to do? Of course not. First, like everywhere else, choosing the cheapest option carries a lot of risks. There is a reason why a certain service is cheaper than others. And in most cases, it has a lot to do with the quality of the facility and the service itself. If you choose the cheapest option, your items will most probably be kept in an inappropriate place. And that can have a lot of influence on your items’ condition in the long run.

conditions in cheap storage
Renting the cheapest storage could do more harm than good

The better option is to concentrate on finding quality storage in your vicinity, which will when you count in the costs and the time that you need to spend to reach it,  annul the money that you supposedly save when renting the cheapest option that is not so close to you. Moreover, there are many self storage first month free options that you can easily find if you do your research. Bear in mind that this mostly refers to a situation when you are renting a storage unit that you need to visit often.

Not checking the in-storage conditions is one of the most common storage mistakes to avoid

We already mentioned that choosing the cheapest option is not the best way to save money when renting storage. And we also mentioned that renting the cheapest storage unit that you can find can also have a big impact on the condition of your items. That is why it is crucial to check the quality of the storage facility that you are planning to use. Especially, if you are planning to store valuable items that are sensitive to inadequate conditions. For example, if you are storing your car or a motorcycle, you need to make sure that your storage facility truly offers appropriate conditions for storing such items. And if you do not make an effort to find some good and quality motorcycle storage NYC has to offer, it could be the end of your vehicle even though your initial intent was to keep it safe from harsh outdoor conditions.

Transporting your items on your own is another big storage mistake that you can easily bypass

If you decided to store a large number of items, one of the biggest problems that you might encounter is getting your items to the storage facility. Of course, getting a box or two of items is not such a  complicated process. Especially if you have your own vehicle that you can use for transport. However, when you are storing a large number of items that you cannot transport in a car, you could have a lot of problems. To solve this problem, a lot of people will rent a van or a truck in order to complete the task.

a couple loading a car with boxes as one of the storage mistakes to avoid
You do not have to transport your items to storage on your own

Still, if you are not a professional trucker, or you do not have a team of people that will help you load and unload the truck, your items will be in great danger. Moreover, inappropriate handling can also lead to injuries. Luckily, this is one of the storage mistakes that you can easily dodge. On the market, there are many storage companies that pick up. They will come to you with their own vehicle and transport your items to their facility without your interference whatsoever.

Do not store your items if they are not properly packed

Another common storage mistake is storing your items without packing them properly. Conditions in most modern storage facilities are good enough to protect properly packed items. Items that do not have proper protection are most likely to deteriorate depending on their quality. And the materials from which they are made off. Therefore, even if you are renting the best storage units Bronx NY has to offer, you still need to invest some effort and make sure that your items are properly packed. If you can’t do it properly, there are many storage companies these days that offer packing services as well. So find one of those if you want your items to be safe but you do not want to tire yourself with packing.

a woman placing boxes on shelves
Make sure that your items are properly packed and labeled

Make sure that your boxes are properly labeled

Another one of the storage mistakes to avoid also has a lot to do with packing – labeling. Inappropriately labeling your boxes (or not labeling them at all) could unearth a series of issues. Not only that you will not be able to find items that you need in a quick and easy manner, but you are also in danger of damaging your items due to the fact that you do not know which box contains fragile and sensitive items. So make sure that you label your boxes once you are done with packing.

All these storage mistakes are easily avoidable

Those are the most common storage mistakes to avoid. As you can see, they are all easily avoidable. Just include your common senses when entering this process and make sure that you find good storage and your items will be safe and secure no matter how much time they will spend stored.


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