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Starting college is great, but until your relocation is over, you can’t really relax and enjoy the rest of your summer holidays. Going back to college is not at all easy either. The reason for these situations is constant worrying about your belongings. You never know what to do with so many things you need, especially if you live abroad and you have to take the seasonal belongings too. Transferring your things back and forth every time can be expensive and it can cause damage. Also, if you are renting or living in a dorm during your college year, you probably don’t have a lot of space for all of your belongings. Don’t worry. The solution is quite simple. You can rent storage options NYC. You will know why and how after you read this guide to college storage.

Why is renting a storage unit a great idea for college students?

If you are planning a semester abroad or simply a summer trip home, you’ll probably need to find a storage unit for your possessions. You may save time and money by renting a storage facility close by rather than shipping your belongings back home or shipping them with you. Sometimes, your belongings can stay in your dorm. But, if you are planning on switching campus, or maybe renting a flat, the best solution is to find furniture storage NYC and keep your belongings there.

Storage units with blue door
Guide to college storage offers many reasons for renting a storage unit

In general, it’s less expensive to pack everything yourself and transport everything to a storage facility close to campus at your own leisure, even if you intend to come back. The cost of renting moving trucks and transporting bulky things may add up rapidly. Keeping your belongings close to your school reduces costs. More reasons, apart from going home, for renting a storage unit on our guide to college storage include:

  • summer jobs,
  • doing an internship,
  • temporarily studying abroad.

Renting a storage unit while doing a summer job

Whether you are going to rent a storage unit while doing a summer job, depends on the place of your employment. If it is near your house, for example, there is no need to transfer all of your belongings for a few months, just to take them back at the end of the summer. So, renting a storage unit is a simpler and more affordable solution. On the other hand, if you plan to work near your campus, if you can live there during the holidays, you will spare yourself even this task. In any case, if you won’t be anywhere near Manhattan or NY during the summer, but plan to get back, then storage in Manhattan NY is the right for you. You will save yourself a lot of time and money, and you won’t have to worry about your belongings.

Find a storage unit while you are doing an internship or studying abroad

Unlike summer jobs, internship usually lasts longer. Again, whether you will need a storage unit depends on the place where you are doing your internship. Moving all of your possessions to a new area might not be worthwhile depending on the duration and location of the internship. Living out of a couple of bags is preferable to having everything ready for you when you return. The situation is similar when it comes to studying abroad. Unless you plan to stay permanently, studying abroad usually lasts a semester or two. Transferring all your belongings, especially the furniture is not at all practical in this case. Not to mention that it is too expensive.

College students sitting on the grass
If you are living on campus, you probably won’t be able to fit your belongings

In addition to that, if you are leaving only for one semester, all your seasonal belongings should be safely stored. Take only the things you know exactly you will need during those few months. Also, if you have a car, our advice is to keep it in car storage NYC for safety reasons. Going with your own car to another state can be complicated, depending on the rules and regulations. Undergoing legal changes can be a nuisance if you are staying for a few months. So, having your car safely kept in a storage unit is the best solution.

An important item on a guide to college storage is the size of the unit

Usually, for a college student, the right size of a storage unit is 5 x 5, or 5 x 10, if you have a lot of bulky belongings. If you choose the smaller unit, this means you can fit a few pieces of furniture in there, such as a twin bed, a desk, and a chair, for example. Of course, there will be enough space for some boxes too. It is roughly the size of a walk-in closet. How high you can stack your goods will depend on the height of each unit. The bigger unit could fit a mid-sized bedroom’s worth of belongings. Larger furniture, more boxes, and an easier time making sure everything fits are the advantages of choosing this size of a storage unit. Again, depending on the height of the ceiling, this size can be your best option if you have more belongings.

Storage facilities with red doors
Renting a storage unit for your car is a great idea

How much does renting a storage unit cost?

Of course, the costs of a storage unit depending on the size, but there are also some other factors included. It also depends on whether it is climate-controlled, whether you need a long-term or a short-term unit, etc. The price is also affected by the period when you rent because summer and spring are moving seasons and the prices are higher. Anyway, the average monthly cost of a regular storage unit goes between $50-100. However, renting a bigger flat to store the same belongings would be at least three times more. And, with secure self storage NYC you know that nothing will happen to your items. All the advantages are worth the costs.

We hope that our guide to college storage has shown you many benefits of renting a storage unit. You will save time, money, and effort. All that while you know that your belongings will be safe, no matter how long you keep them stored.


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