Understanding Why a Climate Controlled Unit Matters


Not everything can be stored in a similar manner. There are some items that need to be stored in special ways to protect them for future use. For example, milk will go sour if left out of the fridge whereas uncooked rice can be stored in a pantry and will be fine. Just as different foods require different ways to be preserved, the same applies to storing items in storage units. When you are storing your belongings in a storage unit, you should take into consideration the different types of items you are storing so that you can protect them. For example, some items could be rendered useless if exposed to extreme weather conditions or extreme temperature changes. A solution for protecting your belongings that are in storage units is by using a climate controlled unit.

Below is a list that shows the importance of climate controlled storage units:

  • 1. Changes In Weather: The constant changes in temperature and humidity are the main culprits when it comes to damaging wooden furniture and fabrics. It is not unusual to find wood that has warped or fabric that has mildewed after being stored in a standard storage unit. To protect your items from the extreme temperature changes, it is best to use climate controlled storage spaces. These storage units have air conditioning and heating units that keep a more consistent temperature in the unit.
  • 2. Special Features: Climate controlled units are insulated well and are properly sealed. This is important for storage units, as proper sealing helps to prevent water and moisture from getting in, while the insulating materials prevents the temperature from getting too cold. Since climate controlled units have these special features, they typically are more expensive than the average unit, however, the additional cost is worth it to keep your belongings in good condition.
  • 3. Important For Household Appliances: Electronics are items that should be stored in climate controlled storage units to protect them from extreme heat or cold weather conditions. Climate controlled units helps to protect electronic and mechanical parts from cracking or rusting. We recommend always thoroughly cleaning and drying your appliances before storing them so you can limit deterioration. Climate control units can assist you in stopping mold and mildew from building up inside the appliances. Also, there are specially designed standard mini storage units that come with their own air conditioning systems. These units not only come sealed and well-insulated, but the air conditioning unit helps keep the humidity and temperature low, which is perfect for sensitive electronics and appliances.


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