Ways to keep your stuff safe in storage


Having extra space can be a blessing, but it also comes with some responsibility. When you are putting items into storage – whether they are belongings of your own or someone else’s – there are certain precautions you need to take in order to ensure that everything remains safe. To give yourself peace of mind, use these simple tips and tricks to keep your stuff secure during storage. From creating an inventory checklist to taking advantage of climate control features, learn how to keep your possessions protected at all times! NYC Mini Storage offers reliable and secure storage solutions for businesses and individuals in the heart of New York City. So keep reading to find out the best ways to keep your stuff safe in storage.

Ways to keep your stuff safe in storage

Storing your possessions away can be a great way to open up space in your home or declutter certain areas. To ensure that your items stay safe while they’re in storage near NYC, there are a few important steps you should take. First, it’s smart to use plastic bins with lids instead of cardboard boxes when storing valuable items away. These bins will help keep out moisture and dust which could damage certain items over time. Additionally, using labels and numbering systems is a great way to make sure you know what’s in each bin without having to go through everything manually each time you need something.

Girl packing things in plastic bins to keep her stuff safe in storage
Consider using plastic bins with lids instead of cardboard boxes when storing valuable items away

For larger items such as furniture, it’s often helpful to use covers to protect them from any dirt or dust that may accumulate. Especially if you will store them for an extended period of time. Finally, when planning how you’ll organize your items in the storage unit itself, it’s best to make sure to store heavier objects on lower shelves and place lighter objects on higher levels. This will help keep things stable and upright even if the area experiences a seismic event like an earthquake. With these tips in mind, you can rest assured that your possessions are safe when stored away.

What are the most important things to consider when renting storage?

If you live in an urban area, especially in NYC, you can understand the value of space. Whether for construction or industrial purposes, a mini storage unit can provide complete safety to your valuable items. With the much-needed extra space provided by Manhattan storage NYC unit, you can also free your home or office from the cluttered look. However, when you rent any storage unit, it’s best if you keep a few things in mind.

Checking the facility’s security

Before renting a mini storage unit, ask the professionals whether the building has surveillance cameras and if access by strangers is restricted. The more levels of protection you get for your belongings, the better. If you’re requested to provide a lock for your unit, you should always look for sturdy ones.

Security camera on the wall
Before renting a mini storage unit, ask the professionals whether the building has surveillance cameras

Consider flooding and other natural hazards

Even a completely secure mini-storage unit can be at the mercy of the elements. So, if the building with storage units has multiple stories, a higher floor will definitely be a better option. A climate-controlled mini storage unit can be worth the extra expense as well. It will be able to protect your belongings from temperature extremes as well as excessive humidity.

Know everything about insurance in order to keep your stuff safe in storage

If you have an insurance policy it provides some coverage for your possessions, you should check with the agent whether it’s adequate or not. These policies might have limits on the amount of coverage for certain types of items. So, if you’re looking for a mini storage unit, make sure that you choose additional coverage for all your belongings. If you don’t have a homeowner or renter policy, make sure to look for a company that offers insurance.

Keep a list

Even though it might seem to be extra work, it would be better if you make a list of everything in your mini storage unit. Taking photos is also a good idea. You will find this list extremely useful if you ever need to file an insurance claim and it will also serve as a guide to what’s kept in your locker. Also, ask about storage pickup NYC, before you sign a contract.

Besides the points mentioned above, you should visit your mini storage unit regularly. You should also make storage payments in time to maintain good relations with the team.

How to keep your things safe while stored

A few tips you should follow to keep your items safe in storage:

  1. Invest in quality storage containers. Invest in sturdy, secure storage containers with lids to protect your belongings from moisture, dust, and rodents.
  1. Make use of padlocks and other security measures. Use a combination lock or keyed padlock to keep out unauthorized people. Consider investing in an alarm system or camera surveillance if storing valuable items.
  1. Clean and inspect your storage containers regularly. Make sure to clean out the contents of your storage container periodically, and check for signs of damage or wear that would make it easier for an intruder to gain access.
  1. Choose an area with adequate security. Select a unit in an area that is well-lit and routinely monitored by guards or cameras.
  1. Avoid storing valuable items. Keep only the most important things in your storage unit, such as important papers and family heirlooms.
  1. Label all of your possessions. Clearly label each container so that it’s easy to keep track of what is stored in each one.
  1. Keep a detailed inventory of your possessions. Make sure to keep an up-to-date list of everything you store, including the contents and location of each item.
  1. Store valuable items off-site. Consider storing important documents or jewelry in a bank’s safe deposit box instead of in your storage unit.
  1. Utilize insurance. Speak to your storage facility about any insurance they may offer and make sure you are covered for any eventuality.
  1. Keep a backup of valuable files. If you store important electronic data or documents, make sure to keep a backup version stored offsite as well.
Man holding a bubble wrap which is one of the best ways to keep your stuff safe in storage
One of the ways to keep your stuff safe in storage is to utilize packing materials like bubble wrap, plastic sheeting, and boxes

Final thoughts on how to keep your stuff safe in storage

Protecting your items while they are in storage is important to ensure their safety and integrity over time. Before you move items into storage, give them a thorough cleaning and polish them if necessary. As well as a full inspection for any breaks or damage. Cushion and cover delicate items with protective wrap, paper, or bubble wrap to protect them from scratches or moisture while stored. Choose the right containers for your stored items. Cardboard boxes may be fine for lightweight objects but stronger containers will be better for heavier items. If possible, consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit so that your belongings don’t fluctuate in temperature too drastically over long periods of time. Finally, keep an inventory list of the items you store, including what container they are in so that finding an item again is easy and fast.

Whether you’re looking for car storage NYC or any other form of storage, there are several steps you can take to keep your possessions safe. Make sure the storage facility is securely fenced and has video surveillance. Choose a unit with climate control so that temperature and humidity levels remain stable year-round. Lastly, inspect the unit before signing a rental agreement and always read the contract carefully. By taking these precautions, you can ensure your items will stay secure while in storage.

To conclude

Using a trusted storage facility is a great way to ensure your items remain safe and secure. While you should always take every precaution, these points are important to remember when considering what safety measures you can take when putting your things in storage. Utilize packing materials like bubble wrap, plastic sheeting, and boxes for the best results for your possessions. Next, make sure to discuss security options with the storage facility such as cameras or gated access control systems.

Finally, keep your padlock up-to-date and never store food or combustible materials that might attract pests or cause damage to you or other people’s property. All of these steps are important steps to follow if you intend to keep your stuff safe in storage for an extended period of time. Taking preventative measures now may seem tedious at first, but it is worthwhile in the long run to protect your belongings from potential hazards.


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