What Can You Fit In Different Storage Sizes?


There are many different reasons for you to use storage services. Whether it’s an upcoming relocation, or a nearly finalized one, you might need your possessions taken care of properly at a secure location. Maybe you’re downsizing or you just need to get some things out of your living space, but you’re not yet sure what to do with them? Whatever it is, when you look for on demand storage NYC has to offer, we’ll be there to answer your call. First of all, however, we are here to share with you all useful information about the effective use of storage. Depending on what you need to store, there will be different specifics your storage space should fulfill. To start, we will walk you through the things you can fit in different storage sizes.

Identify the right storage for yourself

With a few easy steps to undertake, you can identify the correct type of storage unit to use. Don’t worry. We provide many different types of storage services, and we will be able to cater to your every need. Things you should consider when deciding on the right storage unit are not that complicated anyway. We’ll guide you through the process and you’ll know what to do in no time. As one of the best storage facilities Long Island City residents can recommend to you, we take pride in sharing our experience with our clients. When you’re identifying the right storage solution for yourself, you want to be able to store all of your possessions safely. You don’t want to have to break through a jungle of your things every time you need something. By choosing a storage unit of the right size, you avoid this problem.

A man calculating what can he fit in different storage sizes
Calculate your storage space.

How to know what you can fit in different storage sizes

You should write down your inventory. There is a storage unit for everything you need to store, but, you want to use your space in the most effective way possible. Usually, there are three different general sizes when it comes to storage units. Those are small, medium, and large. Our particular storage units are climate-controlled, well guarded, and fireproof, with around-the-clock video surveillance. Feel free to come by and take a look, so you can make sure that your stuff is in safe hands. Checking the facilities out by yourself is a good thing for another reason as well. When you see the different sizes in person, it will be much easier for you to know exactly which solution is the right one for you. To sum up, take inventory, know what you’re storing, and look at all the different units when it comes to size.

Learning the right size of the storage unit – a checklist

Maybe you’ve already picked the rough size of a storage unit for yourself. If you need vehicle storage NYC, you probably roughly already know what size you’re looking for. We talked about the small, medium, and large, but now we will consider some of the details. This is a shortlist of things you should know about your items when you’re wondering what can you fit in different storage sizes.

  • Count your boxes and identify all the larger pieces you have to store – this is a basic way to start finding out how much stuff you have to store. People usually get surprised once they become aware of how many possessions they actually have.
  • Check to see which pieces of furniture can be disassembled and clean your furniture – be patient and careful. You should always take care of these things but now is a special time. Make sure your furniture is ready for storage.
  • If you can, measure everything, just to make sure to calculate how much space you’ll need – this way, when we tell you about the exact measurements of our storage units, you’ll have an exact idea of how much space you need.
A car ready for storage
If you’re thinking about storing your car, it will be more than safe in one of our units.

Examples of things that can fit in different storage sizes

Here we’ll give you a few examples of things you can fit in different storage sizes. This will also help you get to know how big some of our storage units are. With this guide, you’ll quickly be able to determine how big of a unit you need. So, for example, if you’re looking for short term furniture storage NYC companies can provide, you can look at our examples and decide if a unit is a correct decision for you. Take a look at the sizes of storage units we offer. We’ll present them to you with examples of belongings you could potentially fit in them:

  • 5 × 5 (small) – small furniture pieces, the contents of a closet, tire storage
  • 5 × 10 (medium) – great for items from a one-bedroom apartment or a small office
  • 5 × 15 (medium) – a great idea if you have a large one-bedroom apartment or a regular office
  • 8 × 10 (medium) – apart from the things mentioned so far, this is often a great option for motorcycle storage
  • 10 × 10 (large) – this storage space can hold two rooms worth of furniture and appliances
  • 10 × 14 (large) – store a moderate-sized home with all the furniture and boxes you need to take care of
  • 11 × 13 (large) – with space to hold three full rooms of furniture, and appliances, this is our biggest option
A locked storage door
Lock the door and enjoy a stress-free storage service.


Storage services are very useful in more than one way. When you know how to best utilize your space, and what you can fit in different storage sizes, you can make your life much easier by storing your belongings in proper units. For all of your storage-related needs, we are here to help. With our knowledge and our wish to make your life easier, we do our best to be the perfect partners for our clients. Whatever you need, from the most reliable student storage NYC can offer you, to all the other short and long-term options, you can find with us. Most importantly, you won’t have to stress over the safety of your belongings. Experience, guidance, and an eager helping hand are all on your side. So, feel free to store your possessions in appropriate storage units, while we focus on making your life easier.


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