What to do when it rains on moving day?


Usually, it takes a couple of weeks or even months to organize relocation. You need to pack your entire household, higher movers, book extra space storage and NYC, transport all of your items, and so on. It takes a lot of time and money to move house. Therefore, everything should work perfectly. However, what happens when it rains all of a sudden? What to do when it rains on a moving day, but you need to move? You should be prepared in case it starts raining on your moving day. Let’s look into what to do when it rains on moving day.

Check the weather report

It goes without saying but you need to check the weather report. Usually, the weather reports are quite accurate, but they can also be wrong. In other cases, you might need to move out until a certain date. It might happen that it will rain exactly on your moving day. Since you can’t reschedule, you need to figure out what to do when it rains. In addition to this, the weather can also suddenly change. You can have sunny days all the way up to your move day and suddenly the rain comes. For this reason, it is important to keep checking the weather report on the days you will take your items to long term storage NYC, pack your stuff, meet movers, etc. You can also react much faster and adjust certain parts of your relocation if you see that it will rain.

weather report
Keep checking the weather report every day before your move.

Prepare a lot of garbage bags for your moving day

It is always important to be well-prepared in advance. As mentioned, you should keep checking the weather report to see if it will still rain and to what degree. Then, you should prepare everything in case it rains. Your best friend will be a lot of garbage bags when it rains. It does not matter if you are moving your clothes, books, or any other household items, the best way to keep them dry and safe would be by using garbage bags. This applies if you want to transport your items to self storage Bronx or to your new house, you can just wrap your items in garbage bags when it’s raining outside. In addition to this, garbage bags are quite cheap so you won’t spend a lot of money buying additional packing supplies.

What to do when it rains on a moving day regarding footwear

Protecting your items is not the only thing you need to think about when it’s raining outside. Since the road can be wet, there is a possibility of slipping and falling. If you sleep and fall, you can end up damaging your items. Furthermore, you can also hurt yourself seriously, and this is something you wish to avoid when you are moving. Since you need to be in your top physical condition, you need to make sure to prevent any possible injuries during your moving day. For this reason, you need to wear shoes with rubber soles. This doesn’t only apply to you. You can also prepare rubber shoes for your movers or pick up and storage NYC delivery people. Sneakers are also a good choice as well as hiking shoes with Gore-Tex soles.

What to do when it rains on moving day when it comes to sneakers
If you are wondering what to do when it rains on moving day, wear rubber shoes.

Make the distance shorter

When it is raining, you need to make sure to spend less time outside. This might seem impossible considering that you are moving but there are ways to shorten the distance. First of all, you should move all your boxes next to your entrance. Then, it doesn’t matter if you are renting a moving truck or movers are coming to pick it up, you should park the truck close to your entrance. Then, make sure not to park the truck on soggy grass. This type of grass may not support the weight of the moving truck. Then, you will have another problem since the truck will end up stuck in the mud. This is the way to keep your items dry. You can cover the boxes with garbage bags in order to add another layer of protection.

More tips for moving on a rainy day

There are other things to consider if it is raining on your moving day. Those would be the following.

  • Prepare your floors – you can put pieces of cardboard in the entry and along the path between your items and the track. You can also place some old rugs or towels in order to prevent sleeping and falling.
  • Prioritize – you can also prioritize certain items. This means putting more valuable items in plastic storage bins. This way, they won’t get wet from the rain. in addition to this, when moving your electronics, wait until the rain stops if possible.
  • Get help – ask your friends and family members if they can help you. However, don’t have everyone coming in and out since this will bring a lot of mud inside your house. Instead, make an assembly line. Have everyone at their designated place so you can load the truck faster.
person carrying boxes
Stack boxes next to the entrance if you want to preserve them from humidity and rain.

Have towels close by

If you’re wondering what to do when it rains on a moving day the answer is to prepare towels. When you load a moving truck, see if any of the boxes are wet. If they are, you can just wipe them off with towels that you prepared in advance. In addition to this, you need to remove wet garbage bags once you put the boxes inside the truck. Then, when you unpack your items, make sure to start with the boxes that have been compromised. Keeping your items in wet cardboard boxes can lead to damage. In conclusion, if you can’t reschedule your moving day, you need to find ways to protect your items. As you can see, now you know exactly what to do when it rains on moving day!


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