What to know before moving to Long Island


When people that live in NYC think about Long Island they usually think of the famous and commercialized spots like Hamptons. But don’t think that this beautiful place is reserved only for the rich or famous. There is so much more to this area than the things we see on tv shows and news. Combining nature, entertainment as well as art, this is a perfect place for people who enjoy any of those things. And not to mention you can also find storage facilities Long island city has to offer, to place your items for safekeeping. So what to know before moving to Long Island is a question that keeps repeating itself, so we are here to help you find the answers!

Long Island

Just east of NYC on the state’s southern tip there is a beautiful area known as Long Island. This is a place often mentioned on television shows as well as in the news, for being the favorite spot for the rich and famous. But this doesn’t mean it’s only meant for them. Boasting a range of beautiful beaches, as well as tasty bagels, it also has many other attractions and activities for tourists and locals. You can always contact full service storage NYC and get your summer items out in time for a vacation here, or even move here entirely. What to know before moving to Long Island? There are some things you should know if you decide moving here is something you want.

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What to know before moving to Long Island depends on what you are looking for. Are you going there for a trip, or do you wish to make it your new home?

Weather on Long Island

This beautiful place is located between two climates. Humid subtropical and humid continental climates. But what does that mean for you? Well, this means summers are hot and humid with occasional thunderstorms decorating the sky. Springs are mild and fall is the same. But on the other hand, winters are full of snow and cold rain. Although because of its location it has better winters than NYC it is not something to take for granted.

What to know before moving to Long Island regarding the climate? Well, you see a nice thing to have when living on Long Island is storage. So having local storage pick up service always at hand is a good thing. With so many weather variations you will need a lot of different clothes, shoes, and items. In order to match the weather, they are a necessity. But not all have a place to keep those items. And as such storage comes in handy.


What does transportation on Long Island look like? And what to know before moving to Long Island regarding it? Well, you see the public transportation here is advanced. This is influenced by the short distance between Long Island and other boroughs. Although it is advanced and there are many options when picking out your transport, you will still need to deal with crowds, especially during certain hours.

People inside of a train
There are certain hours that have the biggest crowds. So at those times be prepared to squeeze in and fight for a spot!

Many people during nice days go to their storage rental NYC and pick out items in order to make a short getaway to Long Island. So don’t be surprised if at one point the crowds become too big, and the tourists flock to the beautiful beaches. 


Don’t even think about moving here without checking if you can afford it! Don’t take good education, beaches, and good proximity to NYC for granted. All of these are reflected in the city taxes. Actually, here you will find some of the highest property taxes in the country. What you need to take into consideration is your work as well. If by chance you work in NYC but live on Long Island you are still affected by the NYC income taxes. The better option is to pick a workplace located on Long Island and this way you will avoid paying any income tax.

The cost of living

People often think only NYC is expensive. Oftentimes thinking of Manhattan when making those assumptions. But to their surprise, Long Island is not a cheap place to live. If you watched some tv shows you might notice that places on Long Island like the Hamptons have a reputation of being home to the rich and famous. And that is not wrong. Average people can’t really afford the cost of living here as it is one of the most expensive places to live in the whole country.

You don’t believe us? It cost a vaping 140 000$ for only one family to “just get by” comfortably. And why is that? Well, there are many things that influence this absurd price. The main culprits are taxes, housing, health care as well as transportation. Many people opt to live in smaller spaces and place their things in self storage NYC.

A house on Long Island with a yard
The properties here although expensive are worth it. They are big and have a nice atmosphere for families and relaxation.

The average home price here is 500 000$. And if you think “I don’t need to buy I can rent” then think again. Renting a one-bedroom apartment here is $1,750, and for a two-bedroom one, you will need to add around 750$ on top of that price.


Although its high living cost can seem scary to some people, the job market here will help people feel more at ease. Actually, the jobs here are more diverse. Even some professions that are steadily dying out in NYC are thriving here. Influenced by the locals that prefer small local companies with a limited number of workers more and more places are opening up, constantly making more job opportunities.

Although some jobs are growing, there are still some job opportunities that are decreasing. For example, doctors, operations managers, or some jobs in finance. They have seen a decrease in recent years.


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