What you should never store in a storage unit?


Storage units have become a part and parcel of the lives of an average person living in the USA. And rightly so, since it allows everyone to de-clutter their lives while also giving them the option of storing the stuff that otherwise one would have to throw out. So, storage units have somewhat become a necessity.

Storage units allow people to store a wide array of things, but with this, it is expected from people to use their discretion and common sense while storing objects in a storage cell.

Here are certain things that you should avoid storing in the storage units.

1. Perishable items

It is true that storage units come in two varieties; one is regular and another is the temperature controlled one. But that does not turn it into a refrigerator. It goes without saying that perishable items will perish if kept inside storage units. Do not expect to leave your eatables, fruits and vegetables in a storage cell and get them back in the same shape and size when you return. What you will find in its place is a striving colony of fungi, pests and rodents. So, it is probably not a very good idea to keep your food and make your storage cell an apartment for the pests and rodents.

2. Explosives, flammable items, dangerous and illegal things

This includes any type of flammable gas or liquid like propane or gasoline. It also includes the items which contain gunpowder. Obviously, you wouldn’t want people and the place to catch fire if any accident might occur.

3. Living things

That is outright cruel to stuff your pet or any animal into a storage unit even if you are renting a climate controlled storage unit. And when it comes to living things, it goes without saying plants too. Not only will you find it to be dead, but also it will play a host to a variety of pests including rodents. So, stuffing you pet or plant into a storage cell and taking off for a weekend holiday is a bad idea and also illegal in terms of animal rights.

4. Firearms and ammunition

Even though storage units might seem like a good place for you to store you arms and weapons, do not go through with that foolish move. This will jeopardize not only you but also innocent bystanders, in case it happens to fall into the hands of some unwanted person. The one held responsible for the mishap is going to be you.

5. People and parts of them

Trying to inhabit a storage cell is an utterly bad idea. And storing a dead or living ones too, is not legal. Storage units are not meant for storing people. They are there for storing things. And it goes without saying that people are not things.

So, use your storage unit carefully. If you are not sure about storing a specific item, inquire with your storage representative.


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