Where should you move in NYC as newlyweds?


Considering the fact that you have an entire life ahead of you, feel free to enjoy it to the fullest. If you and your partner decide to relocate to New York, you are certainly not going to make a mistake. Since you are looking for an adventure, there is no better city to relocate to. However, considering the fact that NYC is quite big, we are going to help you choose the perfect neighborhood for you. There is no need to wonder where you should move in NYC as newlyweds because we are going to provide you with some answers.

Upper East Side is a great choice for newlyweds

If it happens that you like watching TV shows and movies, you have seen buildings from this neighborhood. Even though it is said that this part of New York is highly expensive, it is not necessarily the case with all of the apartments. In fact, a great number of young couples decide to relocate here.

Upper East Side
If you are wondering where should you move in NYC as newlyweds, the answer is Upper East Side

Should you relocate here, you will also see that there are many young singles and professionals as well. What is great is that all of the beautiful places NYC is known for will be in your vicinity. So, wait no longer and start searching for your new home. In case you relocate to a small apartment, you can count on extra space storage NYC offers to store your other items.

If you are planning a family, relocate to Park Slope

Whether you already have children or you are planning on having them, Park Slope is the perfect place for you. One of the main reasons why people relocate here is Prospect Park. This park has a lake, a zoo, many restaurants and bars, and fields for different kinds of sports. In addition to this, the park hosts many events and activities both for children and adults. As you can see, this is certainly going to be a great choice for you. You are going to enjoy spending time here, that is for sure. If you relocate on short notice, you can self storage first month free and you will have enough time to think about what to do with those items.

Where should you move in NYC as newlyweds? Williamsburg!

Williamsburg is quite a trendy neighborhood. The reason why this is the case is that it is home to most of NY’s successful artists. You are also going to like the fact that most of the residents are under the age of 40. It is technically part of Brooklyn, which means that you will be a bridge away from Manhattan.

View of bridge from Williamsburg
Relocate to Williamsburg and you will be just a bridge away from Manhattan

You are going to enjoy all of the amenities it has to offer and you will not be bothered by the noise. Of course, you can use your motorcycle to drive around. It is also a great thing that you will not have to worry about its safety and its condition when winter comes. You will get to use some of the safest motorcycle storage NYC offers and you will know that it will be safe.

Another location you should consider is the Bronx

One of the reasons young people decide to relocate here is because the Bronx is more affordable than Manhattan, for example. What is also great is that the Bronx offers many cultural amenities. You will get to visit their zoo often and enjoy a romantic afternoon in New York Botanical Gardens. In addition to this, you will have a chance to find the kind of job you are searching for. It is also great that other NYC neighborhoods are easily accessible, so this is not going to be an obstacle. Do not worry even if you find a small apartment at first. Some of the best storage units Bronx NY has to offer are going to be at your disposal. You will be in a situation to store all of the items you do not need at the moment.

Boerum Hill is a highly charming neighborhood

If it happens that you want to relocate to a picturesque neighborhood, take Boerum Hill into consideration. There are brownstone buildings that contribute to the charm of the area. Should you relocate here, you will have a feeling that you are living in a small town. It is a peaceful area where you will find many small, family businesses. Of course, whenever you feel like visiting Manhattan, you will get to do it with no great effort.

Boerum Hill
You can be sure that you are not going to make a mistake if you decide to relocate to Boerum Hill

Even if you work there and you live in Boerum Hill, it will not be hard for you to commute. All you should do now is find a suitable place to live in. Even if it is a small apartment, do not worry. Your belongings are going to be in a safe place because you will get to rely on one of the most reputable storage companies that pick up your items.

You need to wonder no longer where should you move in NYC as newlyweds. We have provided you with some answers and you can feel free to consider all of the options. If it happens that you are living nearby, you will have a chance to visit these neighborhoods. In this way, you are going to get a much clearer picture and you will make a final decision more easily. So, talk to your partner sincerely and you will surely find a place that suits both of you perfectly. Moving can make you happier, there is no doubt. Prepare yourself for having the best time of your life and do your best to make each and every moment memorable.


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