Why moving from Manhattan to the Bronx is a good decision?


Manhattan, with its iconic skyline and bustling streets, has long been the heart of New York City’s allure. It’s where dreams are pursued, businesses thrive, and the city’s energy is most palpable. However, as many have discovered, there’s more to New York than just Manhattan. Just a short distance away lies the Bronx, a borough offering its own unique charm and an array of benefits for those considering a change of scenery. For those contemplating a move, numerous storage companies NYC offers can help ease the transition by providing much-needed space for your belongings.  You don’t think Moving from Manhattan to the Bronx is a good decision? Check out these seven arguments that claim otherwise.

The lifestyle is more affordable

Manhattan, while glamorous, is often associated with a high price tag on just about everything. From dining out to basic utilities, expenses can quickly add up. The Bronx, in contrast, offers a more affordable lifestyle without compromising on the quality of life. One of the overlooked expenses in Manhattan is the cost of NYC apartment storage many families opt for due to the limited space in their residences. In the Bronx, daily expenses like groceries and entertainment are more wallet-friendly but the need for external storage solutions is reduced at least to some extent due to more spacious living accommodations. All this makes the Bronx an appealing choice for those looking to get the most out of their hard-earned money.

A woman counting the money she saved a few years after moving from Manhattan to the Bronx
The cost of living in this borough is lower so you can save more.

You’ll be spending less time commuting

New York City is renowned for its intricate transportation network, and the Bronx is no exception. With extensive subway and bus lines connecting it to other parts of NYC, commuting becomes a breeze. For those moving from Manhattan to the Bronx, the transition is made even smoother with the various storage units Manhattan offers, allowing for a hassle-free move without the rush. Once in the Bronx, residents often find that certain parts of the city are even more accessible than their previous Manhattan locations. Moreover, the Bronx boasts less crowded subway cars during peak hours and more frequent bus services in many areas. This efficient transportation system not only saves time but also reduces the daily stress of commuting.

There are so many cool and fun places to enjoy in fresh air

The Bronx boasts an abundance of green spaces. The residents have a refreshing escape from the urban hustle at their disposal. Here’s what the residents there can enjoy while breathing in the fresh air:

  • Bronx Zoo. The largest metropolitan zoo in the U.S., home to over 4,000 animals.
  • New York Botanical Garden. A sprawling 250-acre garden showcasing diverse plant collections.
  • Van Cortlandt Park. A haven for outdoor enthusiasts with trails, lakes, and sports facilities.

The presence of these vast green expanses enhances the quality of life for Bronx residents. Also, it provides ample opportunities for recreation, relaxation, and connecting with nature. In a city often dominated by concrete, the Bronx stands out as a green oasis, ensuring that residents have easy access to outdoor activities and fresh air.

a botanical garden in one of NYC's boroughs
There are many places to enjoy in the Bronx in fresh air.

Moving from Manhattan to the Bronx means living in a larger place for the same amount of money

In the heart of Manhattan, every square foot comes at a premium, often making spacious living a luxury many can’t afford. However, the Bronx presents a compelling alternative. Here, residents can find larger homes and apartments without breaking the bank. As they transition and settle into these expansive spaces, some might find a temporary need for the storage units Bronx NY locals trust to keep their belongings safe. This brief phase of adjustment is a small step in the grand scheme of things. Once settled, the true value of the Bronx’s housing market shines through. A harmonious blend of affordability, space, and community living this borough can provide is hard to match elsewhere in New York City.

a very modern spacious kitchen
Making this particular move allows you to live in a larger home without breaking the bank.

Children of this borough have the best education at their disposal

The Bronx is home to an impressive collection of educational institutions, catering to learners of all ages. From primary schools like P.S. 83 Donald Hertz and P.S. 304 Early Childhood School to higher education establishments like Bronx Community College and Fordham University, the options are vast. For example, did you know that Fordham University, located in the Bronx, is the third-oldest university in New York? This long-standing tradition of education in the borough ensures that residents have access to quality learning opportunities right at their doorstep. This area’s commitment to education is evident in its diverse range of institutions and specialized programs.

Everyone is welcome and accepted, no matter how different they are

The Bronx is a celebration of cultures, respecting all traditions and communities. Here are the examples of it:

  • Arthur Avenue. Often referred to as the “Real Little Italy of New York,” it’s a hub for Italian culture and cuisine.
  • Grand Concourse. An architectural marvel with art deco buildings, reflecting the borough’s historical significance.
  • Bronx Museum of the Arts. Showcasing contemporary art, often with a focus on cultural diversity.

This cultural richness is proof of the borough’s history as a welcoming place for immigrants from all over the world.

The people know each other and celebrate together

This part of NYC is a community where neighbors know each other’s names and local events bring everyone together. There are annual parades like the Bronx Week Parade, community gatherings at places like the Bronx Museum of the Arts, and many more fun events. For instance, the Bronx is often referred to as “The Borough of Music,” given its significant contribution to genres like hip-hop, salsa, and jazz. This musical heritage fosters a sense of unity and pride among residents. Whether it’s celebrating cultural events, supporting local businesses, or simply enjoying a day out in the neighborhood, the strong sense of community here is palpable.

A borough of boundless possibilities but at a more affordable price

After examining all of these arguments, one must conclude that moving from Manhattan to the Bronx is a good idea. For those seeking a change of pace without leaving the vibrancy of New York City behind, the Bronx emerges as a promising and rewarding choice. Embracing that borough means embracing diversity, affordability, and a sense of community that’s truly unparalleled.


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