Why Moving to the Upper West Side brings a fresh perspective and excitement


Relocating to the Upper West Side offers a new outlook and thrill. This area provides a diverse cultural scene featuring museums, theaters, and parks. There are numerous dining choices including small cafes and high-end restaurants. Families will benefit from the highly-rated schools and abundance of playgrounds. Professionals appreciate the convenient public transportation and fast commutes to the city’s business districts. The region is characterized by a tight-knit community of welcoming residents and frequent local gatherings. If you have extra belongings and not enough space, climate controlled storage NYC  residents rent ensures your items stay safe and in good condition. Customers appreciate the presence of luxury boutiques as well as one-of-a-kind local shops. Those who love fitness can use gyms, yoga studios, and outdoor running paths. In this article discover all about moving to the Upper West Side.

The appeal of the Upper West Side

The Upper West Side boasts a wealth of historical significance and stunning architecture. Walking along its streets with trees, you will encounter a blend of vintage brownstones and sophisticated buildings from before World War II. These buildings narrate the neighborhood’s development throughout the years. Families, experts, and creatives coexist, forming a lively and inviting environment. Each block contains its own distinct features, such as a charming bookshop, a high-quality deli, or a community bakery. Another significant attraction is the convenience. All the essential amenities, such as supermarkets and public transit, are conveniently close by on foot. You can easily get to Central Park for a morning jog or relax at a local theater for a night out. If you are worried about the lack of space, the storage units Upper West Side professionals provide are a practical solution to keep your space organized and clutter-free and still keep the items you don’t want to part with yet.

A large classical building of a museum
There are plenty of museums to visit after moving to the Upper West Side.

Cultural and recreational opportunities

Central Park is a popular attraction, providing paths, boating, and the Central Park Zoo. The American Museum of Natural History features amazing displays, while the Hayden Planetarium captivates with its astronomical exhibits. Lincoln Center showcases top-tier performances, such as those by the New York Philharmonic and the Metropolitan Opera. The Beacon Theatre and Symphony Space are nearby venues that offer live music and entertainment. Art lovers appreciate the New York Historical Society along with many small galleries. Riverside Park and Morningside Park offer great options for outdoor fun, including bike paths, sports courts, and picnic spots. SummerStage in Central Park and the Delacorte Theater, where Shakespeare in the Park is held, contribute to the vibrant cultural landscape of the area. Local music venues on the Upper West Side, like the New York Society for Ethical Culture, host a variety of concerts.

Culinary delights are one of the main reasons for moving to the Upper West Side

The dining options on the Upper West Side are perfect for those who love food. You can discover a variety of dining options, ranging from laid-back cafes to upscale restaurants. To get an authentic New York bagel, visit Barney Greengrass. Experience popular Italian dishes like meatballs and lasagna at Carmine’s Mermaid Inn. They also serve up fresh oysters and lobster rolls as options for seafood. Jacob’s Pickles is famous for its Southern-style comfort food, such as fried chicken and biscuits. Café Luxembourg is popular among lovers of French cuisine who come for dishes such as coq au vin. In addition, markets for farmers such as the 97th Street Greenmarket offer fresh fruits and vegetables as well as locally made products. In the middle of all this, the storage rental NYC locals rely on offers practical solutions for keeping extra kitchen supplies or seasonal items organized. The Upper West Side also has several bakeries, including Levain Bakery.

People sitting in a restaurant.
There are plenty of popular restaurants to visit straight after moving to the Upper West Side.

Discover popular eateries

Close by, the Upper East Side offers a variety of dining choices that mirror those found on the Upper West Side. Serendipity 3, known for its frozen hot chocolate, is an iconic establishment. Daniel provides high-quality French dishes like duck terrine and beef tenderloin for a gourmet dining experience. The Meatball Shop on Second Avenue is known for its specialty in meatballs, offering a variety of sauces and side dishes. Sushi of Gari offers creative sushi rolls that delight the senses. Sarabeth’s East is a popular choice for brunch among locals, offering menu items such as eggs Benedict and pancakes that are light and airy. The Upper East Side also holds farmers markets every week, offering a variety of items such as artisanal cheeses and homemade jams.

Moving to the Upper West Side for a family-friendly environment

The Upper West Side provides a child-friendly atmosphere with excellent schools such as P.S. 87 and The Collegiate School. Parents and children have fun with activities suitable for kids at places such as the American Museum of Natural History and the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. Central Park and Riverside Park offer opportunities for outdoor entertainment with playgrounds, sports fields, and biking trails. Community organizations and family-focused establishments, like the JCC Manhattan, provide a range of programs and activities for both kids and parents. Moreover, the St. Agnes Branch of the New York Public Library also organizes storytimes and educational events. For families needing extra space, Manhattan storage units help keep their homes organized by storing seasonal items and other belongings.

Popular parks and sports centers

In the Upper East Side, there are also plenty of amenities suitable for families. The Metropolitan Museum of Art provides educational programs for kids, whereas the Guggenheim Museum organizes art workshops for families. On the East Side of Central Park, visitors can find popular spots such as the Central Park Zoo and the Conservatory Water, where children can enjoy sailing miniature boats. The Dalton School and Spence School, both highly rated, offer superior educational choices. Carl Schurz Park has playgrounds and spacious areas ideal for picnics and playdates. The Asphalt Green Sports Complex offers swimming, gymnastics, and various youth programs. The presence of numerous community centers and parent groups in the area also helps families by creating a supportive and engaging atmosphere. The Upper East Side, just like the West Side, is well-prepared to serve families, guaranteeing they have an array of enriching activities and services available.

Two people lying on the grass in the park.
Visit many popular parks of the Upper East Side for relaxation.

Moving to the Upper West Side means convenient living

In this area of NYC, you can also enjoy convenient living with convenient access to public transportation. Several subway lines, such as the 1, 2, 3, B, and C trains, link you to other parts of Manhattan and further areas. There are many buses available, making it easy for you to get to any destination. Being close to medical facilities is a significant benefit. NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and Mount Sinai West are in close proximity, offering excellent medical treatment. Buying groceries is easy with Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Fairway Market providing a variety of products. To make your home here more spacious, storage near NYC is the solution you need. Daily essentials and luxury items are easily accessible, making life on the Upper West Side both comfortable and efficient.

Discover close healthcare and grocery facilities

Shopping for essentials and luxuries is straightforward on the Upper West Side. You can discover all your necessities, from basic groceries to luxurious fashion. Zabar’s is beloved locally for its fresh produce and specialty items. In terms of fashion, Columbus Avenue offers a combination of boutiques and popular brands. Proximity to healthcare facilities and grocery stores enables residents to easily reach necessary resources. Lincoln Square and its neighboring areas provide a wide range of shops and dining options, creating a convenient spot for both eating out and enjoying entertainment. The proximity of all amenities within walking distance enhances the quality of life in this community. With well-connected public transportation, quality healthcare facilities, and excellent shopping options, the Upper West Side makes easier all aspects of daily life.

Fantastic social scene

There are numerous ways to socialize and build relationships in the Upper West Side. Community hubs such as the JCC Manhattan and the YMCA offer classes and events for residents to come together. The many parks in the neighborhood, such as Central Park and Riverside Park, are great for participating in sports leagues, walking groups, or yoga classes. Community events such as the West Side County Fair and the New Taste of the Upper West Side unite individuals through the shared experience of food, music, and entertainment. Retailers such as Barnes & Noble provide a platform for authors to read their work and engage in discussions, fostering social connections.

There are a lot of evening entertainment choices available on the Upper West Side. Establishments such as Prohibition and The Dead Poet provide vibrant settings for socializing. Amsterdam Ale House and Jake’s Dilemma offer a relaxed atmosphere with excellent drink choices for a more casual night out. Fans of music can experience live shows at either the Beacon Theatre or Symphony Space. The Lincoln Center provides ballet, opera, and orchestral performances for a traditional evening out. If you are interested in watching the newest movies, you can do so at the AMC Lincoln Square 13. Community events held locally, like the Tucker Square Greenmarket, offer chances for socializing during the day.

A group of people at a concert.
There are plenty of concerts and other social events to visit.

Numerous housing options when moving to the Upper West Side

There are different types of housing available in this area of NYC, ranging from historic brownstones to modern high-rise apartments. Pre-war buildings with large layouts and distinctive features can be discovered, alongside luxury condos offering perks such as gyms and rooftop gardens. Cooperative buildings are prevalent, fostering a feeling of community while frequently necessitating board consent for buying or renting. The typical cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment varies between $3,000 and $5,000 per month while buying a condo can range from $1 million to $3 million, depending on the location and features. When looking for an apartment, make sure to browse listings often, tour potential residences promptly, and think about enlisting a broker for help in the busy market. For extra space during a move, some facilities offer self storage first month free, which can help with storing belongings temporarily.

Choosing between renting and purchasing in the Upper West Side comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Renting provides flexibility and reduced initial expenses. So it is perfect for individuals who do not intend to stay for an extended period. Nevertheless, it does not have the same investment potential as owning a house. Investing in a condo or co-op can be a wise choice, providing stability and the opportunity for property value to increase. Still, it necessitates a significant initial payment and continuous upkeep expenses. Buying a co-op frequently requires more stringent board approval and extra financial examination. Renting provides flexibility in moving, while purchasing offers tax advantages and a feeling of long-term stability. Factors like the length of stay, financial status, and future goals can influence the decision. Taking into account the closeness to amenities, schools, and public transportation is equally important when choosing between renting or buying.

Health and wellness to stay fit after moving to the Upper West Side

Health and wellness options abound on the Upper West Side, catering to residents’ diverse needs. Fitness enthusiasts can find gyms like Equinox and New York Sports Club offering state-of-the-art equipment and various classes. Yoga studios such as YogaWorks and Pure Yoga provide serene spaces for practicing mindfulness and flexibility. For relaxation, spas like Red Door Salon & Spa offer a range of treatments from massages to facials. Organic markets such as Whole Foods Market and Westside Market offer fresh produce and healthy food options. Dining spots like Peacefood Cafe and Hu Kitchen specialize in organic and vegan dishes, promoting a nutritious lifestyle. In the middle of all this, motorcycle storage NYC locals need is available with its secure options for storing bikes safely.

A woman sitting on the floor next to a large Pilates ball after moving to the Upper West Side.
Visiting the gym and popular holistic centers is one of the most favorite pastimes in the Upper West Side.

Popular holistic health centers

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easy with the Upper West Side’s wellness-focused amenities. Central Park provides scenic paths for jogging and biking, while Riverside Park offers sports fields and waterfront views for outdoor activities. For holistic health, acupuncture and wellness centers like Olo Acupuncture and Westside Acupuncture provide alternative treatments. The neighborhood’s proximity to healthcare facilities such as Mount Sinai West ensures residents have access to medical services. Juice bars like Juice Press and Organic Avenue offer refreshing beverages, perfect after a workout or yoga session. Whether you’re looking to stay fit, relax, or eat healthily, the Upper West Side offers a comprehensive array of options to support your well-being.

Is moving to the Upper West Side the right choice for you?

People frequently choose to depart from the Upper West Side and Manhattan in general due to a variety of lifestyle and cost of living factors. The expensive housing and cost of living in the city can prevent people and families from living there, leading them to look for cheaper alternatives elsewhere. Getting around Manhattan can also be difficult. Its packed subways and busy streets contribute to everyday tension. Some people favor calm residential areas with larger spaces and greenery, which may not be easily found in Manhattan’s cityscape. Moreover, wanting a change in lifestyle or career can prompt people to look into possibilities in different cities or areas. Storage options in NYC are available for those looking to downsize or store items when relocating. Even though Manhattan has a lot to offer, people often choose to move elsewhere based on their personal preferences and lifestyle goals.


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