Why you need furniture padding when moving


Packing furniture and other belongings for the relocation is a hard and complicated process. But moving companies have found many ways to make it easier, safer, and more efficient. That is why customers use various packing materials and furniture padding when moving. There is no better protection out there than the furniture padding. And today we will explain how it works and why it would be beneficial for you to use them as well. Let’s dive right in.

What are furniture paddings and why you should use furniture padding when moving?

You have probably heard before about the term “moving blankets”. Yes, those are the furniture paddings that will protect your furniture, environment, and yourself. It is a thick coat that will shield your furniture and protect it against all incoming damages. Moreover, it will keep your items in place while moving inside a truck. No matter the complexity of the move, your furniture paddings will keep your items safe. People use it for moving, storing items inside storage space NYC, and more. So, the primary usage is protection, but it can be a short or long-term solution. It all depends on what you had in mind. But worry not, your movers will instruct you how to use it. Or they will wrap your furniture and protect it if you wish it so.

two people using furniture padding when moving
The most common padding is the blister pack. But there are quite a few different ones on the market as well.

Where to find the best furniture paddings?

To begin with, you can purchase all the packing materials from your moving company. Or you can order furniture padding online. Finally, you will easily find everything you need at the local hardware store, home depot, Lowes, or Walmart. Better-supplied stores usually have all the packing materials one needs for the relocation. Now, as for the quality of your packing materials and furniture paddings, the moving company is the best choice. Although, you can purchase all the materials from your storage rental NYC company. They offer great storage solutions along with all the materials to safely store your items. So, if you are moving or storing, check with a moving or storage-rental company first. Some of the companies will provide materials at a significant discount or even for free. Therefore, do some research online before you match the quality and the price.

Furniture padding protects the environment

As you may know, while taking the furniture out of your home, you can damage the environment easily. Damaging the door or walls will cost you much. It will lower the price of your property and it will ask you to do some renovation before you can put it on the market. This means your furniture paddings are the ultimate solution for this occasion. The same goes for the self storage Bronx units. You do not want to damage the interior of a unit and have to pay for repairs. Not to mention that you’ll most definitely damage your furniture in the process.

mover with a chair in hands
Moving furniture without padding is risky. Both for your furniture and the environment.

And you can easily damage it beyond the repair. It depends on the piece of furniture and how fragile it is. So, do not take any chances and wrap your furniture in paddings to provide them the best protection out there. This is one of the two main reasons why people use furniture padding when moving.

Use furniture padding when moving to protect your belongings as well

Ok, as we already explained, if you use furniture padding when moving you will protect your floors, doors, staircases, and walls. But at the same time, you will protect your furniture. Some pieces you are about to move are quite expensive. Surely much more than a set of moving materials. Simply by using covers, tarps, bubble wrap, and paddings, you will protect your items no matter how fragile they are. Just imagine damaging your piano while moving. Such a scenario can cost thousands of dollars to mitigate. And the same goes for moving in as well as moving out. Moreover, if you are renting self storage NYC, which is something most people do when moving, you will need paddings as well. You want to avoid damaging the property as well as your furniture and store them in their original state.

Your furniture won’t move while in transit

One of the vital roles furniture paddings have is stability during transport. As you may know, there is a proper way for packing furniture for moving and loading a moving truck to avoid damage. But it won’t be possible without a proper buffer. And that buffer is furniture padding. It will keep your items in place that would otherwise shift and move inside the moving truck. So, all you must do is check out the packing materials your movers have to offer and choose the best solution for your items.

miniature car wrapped in blister pack
Your furniture will be much safer and more stable while transported inside a moving truck.

The whole moving process is much easier with furniture padding

In the end, the entire moving process is much easier if you use furniture paddings. Even if you use corner pads only, it would be enough to protect your items. But we strongly suggest using full padding coverage for more expensive pieces. And another thing where paddings excel is the furniture handling in general. Movers use dollies, carriers, straps, and other means to move items around. If your furniture is covered in a moving blanket, it will be protected against scratching and bruising that can be caused in the moving process. Even though those carriers are designed to keep your items safe, there is always a chance for something to get damaged. But if your items are covered in paddings, then the padding will soak all the damage.

Lastly, we must mention that items that are covered with furniture padding are much easier to carry around in hands. Smaller pieces of furniture, electronics, or appliances are great examples. A bubble wrap coating will provide enough protection for your items to reach the other side safely.

Now you know why you should use furniture padding when moving. It is an affordable piece of moving material that can help you a lot. Consult with your movers and figure out which ones are the best for you and purchase the right protection for your items. Good luck.


“ They were AWESOME! We used them for a move from 1 Location to 2 different ones. Couldn’t be Happier the dealt with freezing weather icy driveway and never complained once. Highly recommend. Thank You! ”

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